WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rogue vs ZYN - A comparison of two bestsellers

To start with, it should be said that Rogue and ZYN are two very different brands on the spectrum of nicotine pouches, perhaps the two with most differences; both with regards to the flavors on offer, but also the pouch properties. With that in mind, there are qualities of each that will appeal to one user over the other, and lots of qualities that make them perfect to alternate between depending on mood. In this comparison, we will touch upon their differences in terms of price, quality, nicotine release, flavor, and contents. 


Prilla Deep Dive: What is ZYN? How to use ZYN & more

What is ZYN, anyway? Oh, it’s only one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the planet. But if you didn’t know that, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here today, to talk all about this much-loved line. This is the first installment of Prilla’s Deep Dive series, in which we explore brands in-depth so that you can get a better understanding of them and sharpen your knowledge of the smokeless world. Ready? Let’s get into it!


LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg & 12mg - Expert Review

LUCY Nicotine Pouches is a relatively new line of nicotine pouches sold in the US. If the name sounds familiar, they have a popular line of nicotine gum sold in the US, as well. This new line of nicotine pouches comes in a wide array of flavors and strengths. These are the standard Lucy pouches, but they also make a line of capsule pouches with flavor capsules in them, called LUCY Breakers. Today, we’re checking out their wintergreen flavor in the 4 and 8mg strength. They also make a 12mg strength, but I didn’t have a can of it with me for the photo. I’ve had it before, so I’ll still reference the strength in the review. Now let's check these products out!


What Are the Side Effects of ZYN Pouches?

It’s always smart to do a little research on any new product you want to try, and nicotine pouches are no exception. And if you’re interested in ZYN pouches specifically, you may be wondering how they affect your body or mood. While every person responds to nicotine products uniquely, general side effects for nicotine pouches are possible for any brand you buy, including ZYN.

Here are some of the more common side effects of ZYN pouches, along with why they happen and what you can do if they bother you.


Can You Swallow ZYN Spit?

Whether you enjoy unflavored ZYN nicotine pouches or prefer a pouch with a sweet or even minty taste, you have probably noticed that you create saliva when using one — just like with chewing gum. So, what do you do with it? Is it safe to swallow the spit from these smoke-free oral nicotine products?

In this article, we’ll share what you need to know about the moisture in your mouth when using nicotine pouches, including how to make sure you get the best experience from your ZYN pouch.


VELO Wintergreen 2mg, 4mg & 7mg - Expert Review

VELO Nicotine pouches is a rather interesting one. Today, we’re checking out the Velo line sold in the US. I have to differentiate because Velo is a worldwide brand. Several years ago, a nicotine pouch brand known as Lyft launched in Sweden. Shortly after that, the line was rebranded to Velo, in line with another couple of nicotine pouches sold in the US. These products aren’t the same as those products. These products were rebranded as Velo when BAT purchased Dryft sciences, and turned Dryft into Velo. I know, clear as mud, right? It’s very confusing, and interesting! In this review we’ll be checking out the wintergreen variant of the Velo Mini Dry line sold in the USA!


Does Nicotine Use Lead to Headaches?

A dull throb or a splitting pain are just two ways headaches can present themselves, but no matter how you feel when having one, you know the experience is frustrating, if not completely debilitating. But you may not know exactly why it’s happening. Plus, if you’re a nicotine user—be it cigarettes, e-cigs, nicotine pouches, chew, etc.—you may be wondering if that could be the root cause. While there’s not much concrete evidence that nicotine alone can lead to a headache, we do have some science that shows the two can be related in some instances.

Here’s what we know about nicotine and any relation to your headaches.


On! vs ZYN - What Are Their Differences And Similarities?

On! nicotine pouches and ZYN nicotine pouches are two of the biggest names in the industry, with vast, devoted fan bases and a range of best-selling products. Over the years, they have battled for the top market position in the smokeless sector, a prized title that only one can claim. In this article, we take an unbiased stance and compare these two brands, which offer some of the best nicotine pouches in the USA. So, read on to find out how they stack up against each other in all aspects, including flavor, strength, nicotine delivery, ingredients, and format.;


How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System

Whether it’s included in cigarettes, nicotine pouches, or nicotine gum, nicotine shows up in your body after you use it. This means that if you are tested for nicotine at some point, the tester could know that you use nicotine products. Whether you are getting tested for health insurance, life insurance, or another reason, knowing how nicotine tests work can help you understand the results and the impact they may have on your life.


Rogue Apple - Expert Review

I first encountered Rogue a few years ago, but I had heard of them quite a few times. They were one of the earliest nicotine pouch brands sold in the US, shortly after Zyn came onto the market. Rogue is an interesting one. It comes in a full size can, about the size of a dipping tobacco can. But, this product doesn’t any tobacco. The pouches are also the full size, and not the slim type or the mini type like we commonly see in the US. So, this one is a rather unique product. Today, we’re going to be checking out their Apple flavor, in the 6mg strength.