WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Ever wanted to know more about a smokeless brand or wondered how products like nicotine pouches, lozenges, gum, and tablets compare? This section has all the answers, along with expert recommendations on the best options.

The History of ZYN Nicotine Pouches

ZYN is one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the US market to date. Its simplistic design, sleek format, and flavor and strength variation have ensured this nicopod brand is in every user’s rotation. But what of the history of this product, has it always been this popular, when did ZYN come out, and who created ZYN? The questions aforementioned are explored within this article, shedding light on the company responsible for designing and manufacturing this exquisite nicotine pouch brand, with key dates of its release in the US and worldwide.


The different ZYN strengths explained

ZYN nicotine pouches are the most popular brand across the United States of America, but do you know what the ZYN strengths are and what they mean? Everything is discussed here, from the ZYN strengths available to how they compare with other brands and whether they are considered strong. If you are looking to buy ZYN but aren’t sure which strength to purchase, be sure to read this article.


ZYN 6 - A detailed look at the ZYN 6 flavors

ZYN 6 is one of the most popular nicotine pouch lines in the US. With it being the stronger of the two ZYN strengths available at Prilla, those wanting a more potent nicotine release opt for this line. Here, the flavors within this range are explored and explained in detail, giving you an idea of which suits your preferences best. Moreover, the potential tasting experiences that could be on the ZYN 6 line in the future are postulated.


The top 5 best nicotine lozenges 2024

Nicotine lozenges may be a strange product to those who use nicotine pouches or gum. However, brands of said nicotine products, like Rogue, have a line of their own, making this product not completely unfamiliar. In this article, the best nicotine lozenges are unveiled, ready for 2024, accompanied by a brief description of what they are and how to use them for those not accustomed to this nicotine product.


Best nicotine gum in 2024 - The top 5

Nicotine gum is becoming more prevalent and is being used instead of, and as well as, nicotine pouches. With brands like LUCY and Rogue releasing nicotine gum, those who enjoy their nicotine pouches are becoming more attracted to this product. There are many options due to the different flavors and nicotine strengths available. This article ranks these products, highlighting and listing the best in the category, helping you find the best nicotine gum in the market.


The best strong nicotine pouches - rated 1 to 5

Enjoying your pouches but wishing they packed a more powerful punch? If so, and you're on the hunt for the best strong nicotine pouches, look no further! While these products initially hit the US market in lower strengths, there’s since been an influx of high-potency pouches making their way stateside. So we brought in industry expert Chad "Snubie" Jones to sift through the strong category and tell us his favorites.


The 10 best nicotine pouches

Browsing Prilla.com but overwhelmed by the selection of pouches, brands, and flavors? Tried a few but looking for something new? Fear not, as we brought in Chad ‘Snubie’ Jones, the industry’s most well-known reviewer, to rank his favorite nicotine pouches! In this post, you’ll get to know a professional’s go-to's, which might help you get started if you’re constantly asking Google which nicotine pouches to try or what the best nicotine pouch flavors are.

Prilla Deep Dive: What is ZYN? How to use ZYN & more

What is ZYN, anyway? Oh, it’s only one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the planet. But if you didn’t know that, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here today, to talk all about this much-loved line. This is the first installment of Prilla’s Deep Dive series, in which we explore brands in-depth so that you can get a better understanding of them and sharpen your knowledge of the smokeless world. Ready? Let’s get into it!