WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Brands & Products

This is our brands & products category – your ultimate guide to our bestselling brands! This section is your go-to for uncovering What is ZYN?, which our best nicotine pouches are, and the innovation that is driving their success.

The best strong nicotine pouches - rated 1 to 5

Enjoying your pouches but wishing they packed a more powerful punch? If so, and you're on the hunt for the best strong nicotine pouches, look no further! While these products initially hit the US market in lower strengths, there’s since been an influx of high-potency pouches making their way stateside. So we brought in industry expert Chad "Snubie" Jones to sift through the strong category and tell us his favorites.


The 10 best nicotine pouches

Browsing Prilla.com but overwhelmed by the selection of pouches, brands, and flavors? Tried a few but looking for something new? Fear not, as we brought in Chad ‘Snubie’ Jones, the industry’s most well-known reviewer, to rank his favorite nicotine pouches! In this post, you’ll get to know a professional’s go-to's, which might help you get started if you’re constantly asking Google which nicotine pouches to try or what the best nicotine pouch flavors are.

Prilla Deep Dive: What is ZYN? How to use ZYN & more

What is ZYN, anyway? Oh, it’s only one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the planet. But if you didn’t know that, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here today, to talk all about this much-loved line. This is the first installment of Prilla’s Deep Dive series, in which we explore brands in-depth so that you can get a better understanding of them and sharpen your knowledge of the smokeless world. Ready? Let’s get into it!