WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nicotine Pouches and Your Gums

Nicotine Pouches and Your Gums
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Nicotine pouches deliver nicotine uniquely, through the gums rather than the lungs like when smoking or vaping. Cigarettes and e-cigarettes are notorious for damaging and irritating the lungs, so, naturally, many nicotine pouch users, especially new ones, are curious about the outcome for their gums. If you have ever wondered the same, keep reading this article, as we take you through everything you need to know about nicotine pouches and your gums, including why they go there and how to look after them during and after use.

Why the Gums?: A Closer Look at How Nicotine Pouches Work

The nicotine in every nicotine product has to enter the body in some way. The technical term for this is the route of administration or ROA. With combustibles and vapor devices, it’s the lungs. For dip pouches and chew, it’s the lower lip and cheek, and for snuff, it’s the nose. But why the gums with nicotine pouches? It is because there are many blood vessels in this area, making it optimal for nicotine absorption. Using the gums is also the most discreet entry point, as you do not have to smoke, spit, or engage in anything that will be overly noticeable to others. The pouch simply sits under your lip, making it invisible to others and, therefore, useable anytime and anywhere you like.

Are Nicotine Pouches Bad For Your Gums?

“Are ZYN pouches bad for your gums?” is a very frequently asked question, which is no surprise, as ZYNs are incredibly popular. It is still unclear how they affect the gums in the long run because they are new products. But this brand will be no worse for your gums than any other, such as VELO and LUCY, as they are all made to the same high standard and go through rigorous quality control. What we do know, however, is that some minor short-term side effects can occur, such as irritation, which can usually be resolved quickly and prevented by practicing the tips given in the next section.

Three Tips to Look After Your Gums While Using Nicotine Pouches

Whether you use these products or not, maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is essential to keeping your gums healthy. But, if you are a regular user, you may need to pay extra attention to them. Below are three tips to look after your gums while using nicotine pouches:

  1. Switch sides every time: It is fine to have a preferred area of your mouth to place your pouches but using the same spot repeatedly is not the best idea if you want to avoid gum irritation. So, switching sides with every new pouch is a great way to give your gums a much-needed break and prevent discomfort and irritation by overusing one side.
  2. Keep the pouch still: A common reason for gum discomfort is abrasion, which can happen when a pouch is not placed correctly and begins to move against your gums as you speak or move your jaw. To avoid this, ensure that you push it upwards as far as possible until it becomes wedged firmly into place.
  3. Find a material and format that works for you: Nicotine pouches are not a one size fits all product. There are many different types, some of which may be better for you and your gums than others. So, if you are experiencing gum-related side effects or something does not feel quite right, consider trying a different product. For example, if movement is an issue, experiment with different sizes, such as slim and mini, until you find one that stays put. If it is general discomfort, try out the various moisture levels and material types. Luckily, there is a perfect pouch for every user - it is all about experimenting!
If I stop using the nicotine mlpuches will the soreness in my mouth stop?

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