WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About Prilla - Who are we?

At Prilla you will find the greatest selection of high-quality nicotine pouches there is, along with competitive, cheap prices and speedy deliveries to selected states within the US. Ordering nicotine pouches has never been easier, or more fun for that matter – for who does not enjoy the ultimate satisfaction of scrolling through a vast selection of flavors, brands, and strengths? At Prilla you will be met by sincerity, delectable flavors, an impressive range of nicotine strengths and a team that is unequivocally passionate about smokeless alternatives.

With Prilla.com, we wanted to create not only a platform for people to purchase cheap nicotine pouches, but also a place where nicotine users can learn about and understand the products we offer. This means, that along with products from the US’s leading manufacturers, you will find pages about Nicotine Usage, How to Understand the Nicotine Strengths, guides on How to Use Nicotine Pouches and much more. Behind Prilla’s fairly recent start-up (in 2021), stands a team with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of not only nicotine pouches, but other smokeless tobacco products, which has truly helped us understand the US market and who our customers are. Many have, just like us, started out their tobacco-free journey looking for worthy alternatives to their regular tobacco product and have found the perfect substitute – nicotine pouches.


What does “Prilla” Mean?

The term “Prilla” derives from a slang word that is common among Swedish snusers and refers to the snus pouch that users place under their upper lips, but also – although very rarely - to tobacco free pods such as nicotine pouches. We find, however, that the description tobacco-free “Prilla” is simply ingenious; it is short, fun and above all it breathes Swedish history which is exactly what has inspired and shaped the very existence of nicotine pouches.  In fact, doesn’t the term “nicotine pouches” sound rather impersonal, formal, and just a tad – boring?

Over the years, the phrase “Vill du ha en prilla? (Would you like a Prilla?)” has almost completely disappeared thanks to the increasing popularity of modern, tobacco-free options such as nicotine pouches, but is nevertheless a phrase that every Swede can understand and relate to. In fact, “Prilla” as a term was previously heavily associated with a tightly baked “loose snus prilla” that would not only drip excessively but in many cases completely crumble under the user’s lip and cause great discomfort. Prilla, therefore carried connotations reminiscent of the old and outdated ways of using smokeless alternatives. This is not very surprising, since loose snus is a form of oral tobacco with roots dating as far back as the early 18th century in Sweden – the golden years in the eyes of many traditional Swedish snusers.

As such, we have taken it upon ourselves to create an upgraded meaning to the word “Prilla” and partake in a bit of “out with the old, in with the new and super fresh”. It is our ambition to clean up this prehistoric definition of Prilla as a pinched tobacco powder, bring it back into usage, and make it better: a tobacco-free prilla is fresh, clean, free from stains, bad breath, and excess dripping!


Where is Prilla Located?

At Prilla, Inc. you’ll find a tight-knit team of smokeless-alternative aficionados who meticulously care for each and every one of your orders through great team spirit, precision and passion. But where does all this happen? Prilla, Inc. has a US licensed warehouse located at:

Prilla, Inc.
901 S 1st St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

where all orders are picked, prepared, and packed before being shipped off to your front door. Although we do not offer shopping at a physical store, your experience with us will feel anything but impersonal and distanced thanks to our great support team who are available by email and phone whenever you need at support@prilla.com and (786)-224-0746.


What Drives Us?

You! Perhaps you came here looking for answers to questions about nicotine pouches – you’ll find them here, or perhaps you wanted a new product most sites don’t have yet – you’ll find it here, or perhaps you are simply concerned that you are storing your nicotine pouches incorrectly – just drop us an email and find out! Giving you the most honest nicotine pouch experience through high quality products, affordable prices, genuine and caring customer service agents and informative pages is what floats our boat and makes us feel proud of what we do. Our team - quite uniquely - consists exclusively of experts in the field of smokeless-alternatives which is what allows us to be so sure that each product you buy is only the very best.

We truly love what we do - and we do it well!

To sum it up – we not only wish to provide our US customers with quality-checked and affordable nicotine pouches, but it is also our ambition to inform, educate and explain everything there is to know about nicotine pouches. We will share with you, our 10+ years of experience through articles, guides, journals, and fun chats via email thus enable you to become your own encyclopedia and nicotine pouch expert!


Why Choose Prilla.com?

What makes Prilla different to other e-stores and why do people choose us? US customers choose Prilla.com because customer experience is our top priority, which is portrayed in the six following ways:

  1. Easy-to-reach and always helpful customer support – this is the pillar that leads our company forward. We want our customers to feel valued, seen and always heard.
  2. Quality controls – all products we offer to you on our site are always quality checked before we add them there to make sure you purchase only the highest quality.
  3. Fast and free deliveries – from the day you place an order with us you can expect your delivery to reach you within days, always free of charge of course.
  4. Traceable and insured packages – all orders shipped from our warehouse contain tracking information and are insured.
  5. Impressive assortment – we understand the importance of a great selection and that everyone’s palate is different. This is something we truly wish to honor by providing the best and most diverse collection of nicotine pouches there is, allowing you to choose a flavor and nicotine strength that suits your level and preferences.
  6. Safety is key – this point is close to our hearts and is fulfilled by encrypted card details, information and communication between you and us. But also, by complying with all laws and regulations that apply to our organization – something that instills security in both our team and our customers.