WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg & 12mg - Expert Review

LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg & 12mg - Expert Review
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LUCY Nicotine Pouches is a relatively new line of nicotine pouches sold in the US. If the name sounds familiar, they have a popular line of nicotine gum sold in the US, as well. This new line of nicotine pouches comes in a wide array of flavors and strengths. These are the standard Lucy pouches, but they also make a line of capsule pouches with flavor capsules in them, called LUCY Breakers. Today, we’re checking out their LUCY Wintergreen 4mg and 8mg strength. They also make a 12mg strength, but I didn’t have a can of it with me for the photo. I’ve had it before, so I’ll still reference the strength in the review. Now let's check these products out!

LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg Bottom can

Product Specifics:

Can Weight: 7 grams
Portion Format: Slim Nicotine Pouches
Portion Count: 15 pouches
Portion Weight: 0.47 grams each

Strengths Available: 4mg, 8mg, and 12mg

LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg Open can

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a mild, gentle one. It’s mint at first, but I notice a little wintergreen peeking through. It’s very slightly sweet, but not overly sweet by any means. The pouches are smaller in size, with a slim shape. They have a comfortable fit under the lip, a moderate moisture amount, and a soft mouthfeel. In the flavor profile, it’s more minty than wintergreen. There is some wintergreen in the mix, but it’s not too overpowering or overbearing by any means. It’s a pretty gentle, lightly sweet flavor profile, all in all. In the strength, the 3 levels are 4, 8, and 12mg. The 4mg one is a lighter one, for those who have lighter nicotine cravings. I enjoyed the 8mg one, personally, and found it to deliver at the regular level. The 12mg one felt a little stronger than the 8mg one, and is for those who have a higher level of nicotine cravings. In the flavor longevity department, I found the flavor to kick around for about 30-40 minutes, on average.

Wrap-Up & Recommendation:

The Lucy brand is one of the better ones available in the US. With a pretty even mix of flavors and a nicotine strength for everyone, there is something for everybody in this product. No matter where you fall, Lucy has a product for you. If you like wintergreen, you may find this one to be a little more minty take on it, but still a refreshing flavor!

Snubie’s Opinion:

All in all, this one wasn’t too bad. I’m not a big wintergreen fan myself, so I found this one easier to enjoy because the minty part balanced out the wintergreen part. I think people who like wintergreen may find this flavor to be lighter in that aspect, but still enjoyable. If you want a product with more wintergreen taste you may want to check out Zyn’s version, Zyn Wintergreen 6mg, though.


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