WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Nicotine Pouches vs Traditional Smokeless Tobacco Products

Nicotine Pouches vs Traditional Smokeless Tobacco Products
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Traditional tobacco products have existed in the US for centuries. In the 1800s, chewing tobacco was the primary mode of consumption, and remained a popular option for many years. More recently, however, increasing numbers of nicotine consumers are leaving dip and chew behind as they seek an alternative that is smoke, spit and tobacco-free. Nicotine pouches, or 'tobacco-free snus', have, as a result, become one of the main ways that smokeless users in the US are getting their kick. In light of the seemingly more frequent transition from tobacco-containing to tobacco-free products, you may be wondering what the differences between them are and why so many people are choosing to use them. To find out more, keep reading.

Nicotine Pouches vs Dip and Chew - How Are They Different?

Dip and chew can be thought of as traditional US tobacco products, as they were the first to originate and have been used for a long time. Tobacco dip, such as Skoal, Grizzly and Copenhagen, is placed in the lower lip for the nicotine and flavor to be released. Chewing tobacco, however, like Red Man and Beech-Nut, requires the user to chew on it to get a buzz.

Nicotine pouches are the modern alternative to traditional products that do not contain tobacco and are used differently. Since these product types are all smoke-free and available to buy online in the US, they may seem similar, but the fact is that they are very different. Below are the three main differences between nicopods, and dip and chew:

  1. Nicotine pouches do not require spitting - Unlike dip, copenhagen and chew, which cause excessive salivation and thus the need to spit, nicopods are spitless. The products are much dryer and are used in the upper lip, which prevents the build-up of saliva. As a result, pouch users enjoy a mess and hassle-free experience and do not need to carry a mudjug or spitoon.
  2. Nicotine pouches are more discreet - If you are a traditional tobacco product user or have seen someone use them, you will know that the use of a copenhagen pouch is a very noticeable habit. Dip and chew users are easily identified by their distinct bulging bottom lips, tobacco debris on the teeth and constant spitting. However, if you try to spot a nicotine pouch user, you will have a tough time. These products come in slim or mini formats, which get easily hidden under the lip for no one else to see, making them the most discreet option.
  3. Nicotine pouches come in more flavors - Variety is the spice of life, and dip or chew users cannot enjoy this as much as those who opt for pods. Why? Because traditional products, like Skoal flavors come in less variety than nicopods. Dip and chew contain tobacco, so they always taste like it, regardless of any additional flavorings added. Tobacco-free products, however, are essentially a blank canvas for which any flavor or aroma can be added and tasted clearly, such as citrus, coffee, mint or even no flavor at all!

Why Are People Ditching Dip and Choosing Pouches?

You might think of using this modern alternative as a no-brainer. However, the truth is that many traditional product users like tobacco, despite the risks and inconveniences, and have to think hard before leaving it behind. So, what is it about nicotine pouches that made millions of tobacco enthusiasts ditch their beloved dip and chuck away the chew?

First on the list is cleanliness, or more specifically, oral cleanliness. American users see a clear difference in this area by making the switch from tobacco. In the industry, we call these products all-white, which refers to their color. Since there is no tobacco in them, they are a glistening white that does not stain teeth nor cause bad breath. Moreover, a material pouch holds the contents, rather than being loose as seen in dip and chew, which means they are held in place and do not spread to the teeth, gums and lips.

The second reason is the sensation. Pouches deliver nicotine in a way that is smooth, controlled and ultra-satisfying for up to an hour. The flavor also lasts for this duration. Traditional products, on the other hand, due to high moisture and the lack of a material barrier, release flavor and nicotine immediately, in a far less consistent way and for a much shorter time. So, many dippers and chewers switch to pods for a longer-lasting buzz and taste experience that provides a better bang for their buck.

Finally, the shift in traditional to modern oral products can also be accounted for by the vast selection of brands, flavors and formats. Tobacco is a seemingly dying trend, and year on year, the number of new brands and products released reduces. As a result, traditional users are looking to the world of pouches for choice. An abundance of different nicotine pouch brands is available to buy online in the US. Unlike dip and chew, the development of products in this category continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down.

The Two Best Nicotine Pouches for Tobacco Users to Try

If you are a tobacco user, you might think that alternatives to it will be somewhat unsatisfying. However, many products emulate the fulfilling sensation that tobacco provides. Below are two tobacco-free pouches which users have praised for being similar to traditional products in taste and feeling:

ZYN Wintergreen 6 mg - Wintergreen is an incredibly well-liked dipping tobacco flavor, which may have been a reason for the manufacturer of this product, Swedish Match, to develop it. The taste is reminiscent of a wintergreen dip but fresher, crisper and cleaner. You will also notice some menthol added for an extra kick on top of the 6 mg of nicotine loaded into each pouch.

On! Coffee 8 mg - It might not be tobacco, but coffee comes surprisingly close to it in richness, smoothness and a natural taste. This Swedish-made pouch provides a solid nicotine buzz on par with traditional products that is longer and steadier, making it worth trying if you long for a full-bodied flavor and potent effect.

If you are thinking of making the transition to a world of discreet, spit and stain-free nicotine satisfaction, either of these products would be a great place to start. You can then go on to explore the full range to find the perfect strength and flavor for you.

Debra Carpenter
So my other half is all proud of himself for giving up fine cut Skoal moving to ZYN - But to me the only difference is the constant gross spitting....it still loads the punch of nicotine which is what gets them addicted in the first place.......so to me its a cop out saying youre using it to "QUIT" because its just a cleaner less conspicuous do to no lip bulge and no staining already severely stained teeth due to the years of SKOAL. This doesn't help anyone quit its just a more of less offensive way to get your BUZZ...........
To be fair, coming from a fellow "dipper" trying to quit - it is a huge first step to switch to something like Zyn. First, the oral fixation is not even comparable so even though there is still nicotine, the user is breaking that fixation habit of a lump in the lip, spitting, and taste - which evolved over years of use. Gross to others but very satisfying to relaxing to the user. Second, the amount of nicotine is greatly reduced - fighting the second side of the equation. A can of dip has anywhere from 80-144mg of nicotine. Regular users, including myself, will go through 1-2 cans a day with 30+ minute dips - that is similar to a carton of cigarettes a week (loose math for comparison). A 6mg Zyn will reduce the nicotine addiction and greatly increase the odds off completely quitting. We know it is not good for us, gross to others, and that we should quit. I would say we have tried many times and failed. This is only a step along our journey. It also helps to develop other healthy habits during this time such as walking, exercise, or cooking at home. Health is a journey and some of us have placed unnecessary obstacles upon ourselves through a poor decision in our late teens or early twenties. Please keep encouraging the Zyn or other pouches. Once he loses the desire for his routine fine cut, he can move to 3mg and eventually quit. It took years to develop this habit and it will take time to kill it.

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