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Rogue vs ZYN - A comparison of two bestsellers

Rogue vs ZYN - A comparison of two bestsellers
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To start with, it should be said that Rogue and ZYN are two very different brands on the spectrum of nicotine pouches, perhaps the two with most differences; both with regards to the flavors on offer, but also the pouch properties. With that in mind, there are qualities of each that will appeal to one user over the other, and lots of qualities that make them perfect to alternate between depending on mood. In this comparison of Rogue vs ZYN, we will touch upon their differences in terms of price, quality, nicotine release, flavor, and contents. 

Rogue vs ZYN flavors - Which is best?

On the US market, there is definitely a clear trend when it comes to flavor and producers are likely to release the following flavors: Mint, Coffee, Cinnamon, Berry, Wintergreen, and Citrus. Therefore, Rogue does stand out a little for its lack of coffee and its rather exotic fruit-flavors - but how else do the Rogue and ZYN flavors compare? 

Flavor Rogue ZYN
Tobacco Flavored


Although the brands have many similar flavors on offer, there are a couple of differences. For one, ZYN offers more mint variations and Rogue displays a wider lineup of fruit and berry options. 

Among ZYN’s bestsellers are well-known mints such as ZYN Chill, ZYN Wintergreen, ZYN Spearmint, and ZYN Peppermint, and for Rogue, the top flavors include Rogue Wintergreen, Rogue Peppermint, Rogue Mango and Rogue Apple!

Rogue vs ZYN: their 5 main similarities

Although Rogue and ZYN are two very different nicotine pouches, they share a few common traits; some of which are shared by most nicotine pouch brands but also some that define why these two are so popular. Our list below covers the top 5 similarities of Rogue vs ZYN: 

  1. Both are free from: tobacco, smoke and sugar
  2. Both offer a selection of mint flavors, cinnamon and unflavored options
  3. Both lie in the low to medium strength range
  4. Both are discreet to use
  5. Both are produced by world-renowned manufacturers using innovative technology and quality controls

The last point on this list is one of the most important ones - make sure to buy only from reputable producers that perform regular quality checks and only use high-quality ingredients!

Rogue vs ZYN: their 5 main differences

A list of differences that sets each brand apart can be made quite long in the case of Rogue Nicotine Pouches and ZYN Nicotine Pouches, but below we have summed up the 5 biggest ones:

  1. Rogue has moist pouches, ZYN has dry pouches
  2. Rogue has slim pouches, ZYN has mini pouches
  3. Rogue has more fruit flavored options, ZYN has more mint flavored options 
  4. As will be covered below, there is a difference in price, net weight and pouches per can
  5. Rogue has a berry flavored product which isn’t on offer in ZYN’s assortment, however, ZYN offers coffee and that is not a part of Rogue’s lineup. 

When it comes to moisture and format, these are the two traits that are most likely to push a customer in one way over the other - moist users are unlikely to buy a dry pouch and vice versa. Similarly, if you use mini pouches you are less likely to buy a slim shape that is both larger and fuller under the lip in comparison. Finally, flavor is a big motivator when customers choose their nicotine pouches, as will be covered in more detail further down where we compare Rogue and ZYN flavors

Which is cheaper? 

When we discuss Rogue vs ZYN pricing, it’s easy to assume that the price of a product is the only thing affecting its value or bang for your buck; however, when it comes to nicotine pouches, there is a lot more to it than just price. Let’s break this down into a more visual example:

Brand Price per Can Net Weight Pouches per Can
Rogue From $4.59 0.0135 20
ZYN From $4.49 0.006 15

*The prices presented in the table above were updated on 6/5/2023, prices may vary. 

In this case, Rogue has a higher price per can, but they also have a higher net weight (contents) and 5 more pouches inside each can. The net weight is more than double for Rogue, which can sound like a lot, but because each pouch is moist, the weight is expected to be a little higher than for a dry pouch. Find out below how moisture affects longevity!

Which lasts longer? 

We know that ZYN has a slightly longer nicotine and flavor release with ZYN pouches lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour, in comparison to Rogue that lasts up to 40 minutes. But why is that? Generally speaking, moist nicotine pouches release nicotine and flavor almost immediately after being placed under the lip, causing it to be slightly more short-lived but more intense, and this instantaneous release is something that is attractive to many users. 

Dry pouches like ZYN, on the other hand, will have a slower onset of nicotine, but a more long-lasting one that is released in a steady flow. In this case, this is a difference that is likely going to completely determine which pouch a customer will opt for, as it greatly affects the nicotine experience as a whole. 

Conclusion: Does Rogue or ZYN have the best nicotine pouches? 

Of course, this is a highly subjective question that is nearly impossible to answer, and both brands truly do contain some of the best nicotine pouches in our assortment! But if we try to look at this objectively, there are a couple of things that can be said about each brand:

  • Rogue typically attracts users looking for a quick release, moist pouches, a slim format, exotic and unusual flavors and finally, more pouches in each can. 
  • ZYN typically attracts users who want a long-lasting, steady flow of nicotine, dryer pouches, a mini format and a greater variation of mints to choose from. 

Which nicotine pouch is your favorite? Comment below!

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