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Why Are Nicotine Pouches Placed in the Upper Lip?

Why Are Nicotine Pouches Placed in the Upper Lip?

Have you ever wondered why nicotine pouches get placed in the upper instead of in the lower part of the mouth as when compared to traditional products like Skoal, Copenhagen, and others? If so, this article is for you. We will explain the reasoning and importance of the specific upper lip placement, the different ways of using these products, and how to find the best fit for you. To learn everything you need to know about where to put your pouches, read on.

Traditional Use: Why the Upper Lip?

To people who do not use these products, the concept of stuffing a small, white bag under the upper lip may seem strange. However, there are some key reasons why this region of the mouth is the designated spot for attaining smoke-free nicotine satisfaction, as shown below:

  1. Lesser drip - The correct use of a nicotine pouch should yield the most flavor and nicotine with the least salivation. Salivation causes the dreaded drip, which refers to excess saliva and the pouch contents forming juices that can burn the throat or prompt the user to spit, making for an unpleasant experience. The top area of the mouth is furthest away from the salivary glands, which is why these products are best used there.
  2. More discreet - One of the main attractions of tobacco-free snus like VELO and On! is that they are very discreet. However, if incorrectly placed, the product may be visible in the user's mouth, perhaps not as much as a big pinch of Grizzly dip or Red Man chew, but more noticeable than it should be. Between the upper lip and gum is accepted as the easiest and best way to conceal a pouch, enabling use anytime, anywhere.
  3. More comfortable - Since the buzz and flavor of these products can last for up to an hour, it is essential that it feels comfortable in the mouth for this duration. The upper lip is the best area for an irritation-free experience as the pouch is less likely to move or slip out of position.

“Upper Decky” - A New Name For Where to Place Nicotine Pouches

Recently, there has been a trend on social media where people place nicotine pouches, especially ZYNs, in their “upper decky”. This trend is specific to using ZYNs with many users captioning videos “Upper Decky ZYN” or those that use different brands may title the video “Upper Decky Lip Pillow”, with the lip pillow being a nicotine pouch. Where is this and does it change how users use this product? 

Upper Decky is a name users have given the upper lip, meaning the way in which they use nicotine pouches or “zynnies” hasn’t changed.

With that said, you now know what certain influencers are talking about when they refer to “popping an upper decky lip pillow” and don’t be alarmed as they are using nicotine pouches the same as the rest of us.

Are All Nicotine Pouch Brands Placed In The “Upper Decky”?

Some may wonder “Where to put ZYN” or “How to use VELO” but both answers are the same. When using any brand of nicotine pouch it is best to place them under your upper lip or “upper decky” for the reasons mentioned above. However, some users may place them in their bottom lip and the reasons for doing so are discussed below. However, with that said, it is best to use your upper decky for your ZYNs, VELOs, Rogues, or whatever brand may be in your rotation.

Can I Put a Nicotine Pouch in My Lower Lip?

We do not recommend using these products in the lower lip as this method is suboptimal for achieving the best experience. However, it is possible, and a surprising number of users have adopted this technique. Lower lip use will cause more drip, be more visible, and likely be less comfortable, so why do people do it?

Many reasons explain why consumers may want to dip pouches rather than use the traditional snus method that is centuries old. Firstly, many Americans use dipping and chewing tobacco and may decide to leave it behind for tobacco-free pouches, which is a smart move. Long-time dippers and chewers are used to a wad of the brown stuff against the lower cheek and spitting in a mud jug, so a solution is to use nicopods in the same way to get that familiar sensation. Also, some people like the drip, as it can make the flavor more intense and create a satisfying burn at the back of the throat. Finally, lower lip use can, in some cases, increase the speed at which the nicotine is released due to the higher moisture levels, enabling a faster, more powerful hit.

Tips for the Best Fit: How to Ensure Comfort and Stop Nicotine Pouch Drip

Using a nicotine pouch is very simple. However, finding a method that works for you can take time but is worth it as, after all, these are products you will frequently use throughout the day. So, how can you find the best fit for you? See the list below to learn how:

  1. Alternate positions - A handy trick that often gets overlooked is rotating the side of your mouth where you place your pouches. Only using one side can irritate the gum in that area, especially if using high-strength products or intense flavors like peppermint and menthol. Switching sides throughout the day is a surefire way to prevent gum pain by giving each side a much-needed rest.
  2. Do not place too far back - Many newbies report struggling with excessive drip, despite using the traditional top lip method. Why? Because they put the pouch too far towards the back of the mouth and closer to the salivary glands. By moving the product nearer to the center of the mouth, unwanted dripping can be almost, if not completely eradicated.

If the above tips do not work, it may be time to try a different product or brand. There are pouches for every preference and need. Some are softer than others and perfect for users prone to irritation, such as ROGUE, which features a silky, smooth material. Also, these products vary in moisture levels, and a dryer pouch may be better for those who struggle with drip or naturally produce more saliva, such as the ZYN Flavors. Above all, though, experimentation is the key to finding the perfect fit. Take your time, switch it up, and work your way through the large selection of nicotine pouch brands online until you are happy with the mouthfeel.

Pods 24
Hello Evan, a newcomer should read your guide. I am sure many of them may not know the information that you have stated.
Been using nicotine pouches in my lower lip for about a year after vaping for 4 years and have tried alot of different brands but by far in my opinion is the zyn coffee.give them a try
This was a really great article, very informative & straight to the point ( yet still achieving its purpose of marketing the product). Well played Evan !
Great article! I rly like lower lip bc it’s more comfortable and stronger imo but I see the other side. I love wintergreen and the 20mg cool mint ones but I’m excited to try cherry cola.

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