WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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What is a Nicotine Pouch?

Nicotine pouches are a modern type of smoke-and tobacco-free nicotine product that offers discreet usage and a cleaner feel than traditional oral tobacco-products. A can (or box) of nicotine pouches contains between 19-24 all white pouches, also called nicotine sachets, nicopods, pods, nicotine bags or all white snus pouches, that are to be placed under the upper lip for up to an hour where they will exude nicotine and flavor efficiently without leaving stains. Regardless of which nicotine strength or flavor you prefer, each nicotine pouch experience is always 100% tobacco-free, smoke-free, stain-free, and drip-free. Nicotine pouches are often offered in low, medium, or strong nicotine levels where flavors exist in incredible diversity ranging from sharp mint to soothing cinnamon and biting citrus.

What do Nicotine Pouches Contain?

Nicotine pouches are inspired by traditional types of oral tobacco which is why their usage is rather similar, but what sets them apart is, above anything, the tobaccoless contents of each pouch. That said, most nicotine pouches contain nicotine that derives directly from the tobacco plant and that has been extracted in a process that completely rids the nicotine from any tobacco residue. Some pouches are manufactured using synthetic nicotine, but the most common nicotine type does nevertheless originate from the plant itself. But what else do nicotine pouches contain? Typical ingredients of a nicotine pouch include:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Plant fibers
  • Food grade fillers
  • Gum-base
  • Flavoring agents

Although sweeteners are sometimes used as flavor enhancer, all nicotine pouches are sugar-free! ZYN Nicotine Pouches is one of the most popular brands in the US and here is an example of its ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade' nicotine salt, hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, maltitol, gum arabic, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, acesulfame K and food-grade flavorings.

Who Uses Nicotine Pouches?

Throughout history, tobacco has existed in many forms – as American dip, snus, cigarettes, chew, and many others where users are seeking the nicotine experience. The downsides, however, have often outweighed the upsides making discolored teeth, bad breath, foul aftertastes, and brown lines a fact that many have wished to be completely free from. This universal crave for a cleaner and more discreet alternative to regular tobacco products stemmed, primarily, from the US where users were looking to replace their packs of dip and chew with spit and stain-free options such as nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouch users in the US are, therefore, often:

  • Users who want smoke-free nicotine usage
  • Users looking for high comfort, easy-to-use pouches and practical boxes
  • Users who prefer to choose between many flavors, including unflavored options
  • Users looking for a discreet nicotine experience without stains, drip or bad breath
  • Users who prefer a nicotine option that has a long-lasting effect and that is easy to discard

Nicotine pouch flavors in the US

Nicopods are offered in a wide range of different nicotine strengths: from low levels of around 2 mg/pouch to incredibly strong kicks of around 8 mg/pouch or more! But what do nicotine pouches taste like? The five most common nicotine pouch flavors include:

  1. Mint – The number one choice for nicotine users looking for a refreshing, and above all powerful nicotine experience. Brands like On!, ZYN, VELO Max and Rogue all offer at least one mint flavored pouch and usually along with a wide range of nicotine levels.
  2. Citrus – clean, fresh and with a light tartness; that is how a citrus flavored nicotine pouch is often described. With its sour yet sweet profile it lets users feel a clean sensation even after a whole day of usage! In the US, Citrus flavored nicotine pouches like On! Citrus 4 mg are right at the top of popular flavors, along with mint.
  3. Coffee – Appreciated for its creamy feel and rich coffee resemblance. Mini pouches like ZYN Coffee 3 mg not only exude a soft taste of coffee, but also a gentler nicotine release for the novice.
  4. Berry – Light and fruity, sometimes coupled with tart notes that is often seen in combination with 2,4 or 8 mg of nicotine per pouch. On! Berry 8 mg is a powerful, berry-flavored nicotine pouch that is appreciated for both its freshness and its concentrated nicotine level.
  5. Cinnamon – This is a nicotine pouch flavor that is often coupled with a quiet evening at home; not because of an inefficient nicotine release, but rather due to the soothing nature of a cinnamon pouch such as VELO Cinnamon 2 mg.