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ZYN Rewards Explained — How to Earn Points and Receive Freebies

ZYN Rewards Explained — How to Earn Points and Receive Freebies

For many pouch aficionados, ZYN is unbeatable, with the brand cementing itself as the most popular in the US. But if one thing can beat the nation’s favorite pouch brand, it’s getting free goodies in return for using ZYN nicotine pouches.

All purchases, including those made on Prilla, contain codes that customers can redeem through the rewards program. This article covers everything there is to know about the ZYN rewards program, including how to sign up and key details.

How Does the ZYN Rewards Program Work?

The ZYN rewards program allows customers to collect points when they purchase the brand’s nicotine pouches. They can then use these points to get their hands on other items for free.

Best of all, every ZYN purchase yields points, no matter the retailer.

Illustrating how to use ZYN rewards program

The label on the bottom of each nicotine pouch can contains a ZYN discount rewards code, in the form of a QR code. Customers can redeem these on the ZYN rewards store.

Customers can scan a maximum of 60 cans per month. But considering that works out as roughly 30 pouches per day, it’s a pretty generous upper limit! 

There’s also a chance to earn extra points by referring friends to the program or participating in additional promotions.

Parent company Philip Morris International has said it wants to reward loyalty, which is why it introduced the freebies.

How to Sign Up

Sign up through the ZYN rewards store to create a ZYN rewards login.

This requires submitting personal information such as name, address, and contact details.

How to Redeem Points

To redeem points, customers simply need to sign into their account and enter the code. There will also be instructions on the screen explaining exactly how to complete the process.

After adding codes, a customer’s points balance will grow, until they earn enough to “purchase” one of the many prizes.

When it’s time to redeem, the transaction process is similar to buying any other item online. Just head to the ZYN rewards app, select the item of choice, and complete the transaction.

Note that it may take a while to receive the item in the post, with merch taking 4-6 weeks.

What Are the ZYN Rewards Items?

Prizes range from low-value gift cards to high-ticket electrical items.

A code on a single pouch can is worth 15 points, while some of the most expensive points require thousands of points. As a result, a consumer would need to get through hundreds of cans to claim one of the more valuable prizes.

High-Value Prizes

Some of the best ZYN rewards prizes include:

  • Bose headphones (9000 points)
  • Sonos sound systems (9000 points)
  • iPads (6750 points)
  • Airpods (5630 points)
  • Air fryers (5060 points)

Low-Value Prizes

There are also some more humble rewards, such as gift cards for stores like Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber. 

These range between 825 and 2900 points depending on the gift card's value (starting from $25).

ZYN Merch Prizes

ZYN aficionados will be pleased to know that brand merchandise is also an option. This includes T-shirts, socks, towels, and more. 

These items are more easily obtainable, with some requiring just 380 points.

When do Zyn Rewards Expire?

Points are considered “inactive” if they lie dormant for six months. However, as long as the customer continues to enter codes online, their points balance will remain active.

It would take most people years to earn the points needed for a pair of Bose headphones or a Sonos sound system, so don’t get caught out by taking an extended break from redemption!

Tips for Successful Redemption

Keep label codes for 90 days, even after entering them into the rewards store. ZYN may ask customers to prove their ownership at a later point.

Don’t try to enter fake codes found online or cheat the system. This could result in losing access to the rewards program.

Finally, anyone lucky enough to redeem rewards worth more than $600 in a year will need to give ZYN their social security number and fill out a tax form. 

Other Ways to Be a Savvy Shopper 

Prefer another brand of nicotine pouches but still want to get the best value for money possible?

The good news is that ZYN’s rewards scheme isn’t the only way to be smart about nicotine pouch purchases. 

While Prilla doesn’t give away iPads or Dyson AirWraps, we do frequently run promotions and give discounts to customers who create an account with us, allowing them to get pouches for the cheapest price possible.

These discounts could apply to any brand, including the likes of VELO, Rogue, and On!

The best part? Customers can still earn codes from ZYN purchases on Prilla when products are discounted.


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