WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Fun Nicotine Pouch Flavors We’d Like to See on the Consumer Market

Whether you enjoy mint, citrus, coffee, or berry, flavored nicotine pouches provide you with an opportunity for variety as you enjoy one of your favorite products. While there are already quite a few amazing and tasty options to choose from, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream about an awesome new flavor in a future tin of nicotine pouches.

Here are some of the potential flavors we'd like to see coming to a pouch near you. Which one would you be most excited about?

23 days ago

Nicotine Pouches: Passing Fad or Lasting Trend?

Maybe you’ve only just heard about nicotine pouches and the wide variety of strengths and flavors available. Or, you may be a fan of their flexibility in a variety of environments. Whatever your experience, you may be wondering if nicotine pouches are something we can expect to have access to for years to come. Or could they end up like other products that have come and gone?

While we don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future, the past sales of nicotine pouches paired with their current popularity can tell us a lot about their potential. Here's what we do know about how accepted they are in society and what the forecast may be for those hoping they will stay around.  

1 month ago

Who Uses Nicotine Pouches in the United States?

You may be unfamiliar with the concept of nicotine pouches, or maybe you know someone who uses them but aren’t sure how popular they really are. While you should always make your own choices based on your unique lifestyle preferences, it can be helpful to know you’re in good company when selecting a nicotine product for the first time.

The number of nicotine pouch users in the U.S. is growing—and quickly! But who is included in this group? You may be surprised to learn that many adults purchase these products for daily use. Here are some stats and reasoning behind the popularity of nicotine pouches.

1 month ago

How Does the Price of Nicotine Pouches Compare to Alternatives?

Everything seems to cost more these days, but keeping an eye on your budget isn’t just a smart choice—it’s a necessity. One product category that seems to increase in cost year after year is tobacco and smokeless tobacco products.

If you’re considering nicotine pouches as an alternative to cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products, you may be wondering if there’s a cash savings opportunity in making the switch. In reality, the actual numbers will depend on how often you use these products and the brands you enjoy most.

Here's a quick look at some numbers for each type of product to get you thinking about what you currently pay and what you may be able to save when you make the change to nicotine pouches. 

2 months ago

Flavored vs. Unflavored - Which Nicotine Pouches Are for You?

If it’s your first time considering a nicotine pouch, you may be unsure about how to pick your initial product. Maybe your friends have suggested a few, or you have seen websites reviewing flavors that sound enticing. Is it best to try an unflavored product? Or is it more likely you’ll enjoy something with more flavor?

While it will ultimately come down to personal preference, there are some things to know about each type of nicotine pouch. Read the comparison below to make an informed decision before you buy.

2 months ago