WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Science & Research

What Exactly is a Nicotine "Buzz," Anyway?

If you use nicotine pouches or other nicotine products and have heard people talking about getting a "buzz," you may be wondering if there really is such a thing. How does nicotine use contribute to this feeling? How does it differ from person to person?

Here is more about what we call “buzz” and whether it’s possible to get one when using nicotine pouches.


Smoking Adults Are Most Likely To Be Aware Of Nicotine Pouches

Do you remember how you first learned of nicotine pouches? Perhaps it was a friend who told you about them, or you saw a sign advertising a promotion at a convenience store. However you came to find out about the smokeless, tobacco-free option for nicotine, you are not alone. A recent study shares that more people than ever now know about nicotine pouches, and many of them are smokers.


How Do Nicotine Pouches Affect Your Breath?

Bad breath can be embarrassing. Not only is it potentially unpleasant for those around you, but it can even force you to reconsider talking to people and having an active social life. If you've ever watched people turn away when you talk or you’ve been offered a piece of gum or mint, you know the embarrassment of a stinky mouth.

What causes bad breath? It can come from a number of things, including the use of tobacco products. Here’s what you should know about popular tobacco products and their alternatives, along with how making different decisions could bring you relief from bad breath.


Who Uses Nicotine Pouches in the United States?

You may be unfamiliar with the concept of nicotine pouches, or maybe you know someone who uses them but aren’t sure how popular they really are. While you should always make your own choices based on your unique lifestyle preferences, it can be helpful to know you’re in good company when selecting a nicotine product for the first time.

The number of nicotine pouch users in the U.S. is growing—and quickly! But who is included in this group? You may be surprised to learn that many adults purchase these products for daily use. Here are some stats and reasoning behind the popularity of nicotine pouches.