WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Posts tagged 'rogue nicotine pouches'

Rogue Apple - Expert Review

I first encountered Rogue a few years ago, but I had heard of them quite a few times. They were one of the earliest nicotine pouch brands sold in the US, shortly after Zyn came onto the market. Rogue is an interesting one. It comes in a full size can, about the size of a dipping tobacco can. But, this product doesn’t any tobacco. The pouches are also the full size, and not the slim type or the mini type like we commonly see in the US. So, this one is a rather unique product. Today, we’re going to be checking out their Apple flavor, in the 6mg strength.


Rogue Mango - Expert Review

I first tried Rogue a few years ago. It has been on the market for quite a while, and comes with quite a few different flavors and strengths. It’s also different from others out there. First, Rogue comes with a full sized can. In shape, it’s about the size and form of a dip can. The pouches are also different. They’re not the standard mini/dry type. They’re bigger, almost the size of a regular sized pouch. They also have more moisture to them, which contributes a softer pouch. Today, we’re checking out the tropical flavor of mango!  


Rogue Honey Lemon 3mg & 6mg - Expert Review

Today, we’re talking about Rogue Nicotine Pouches. Rogue is a pretty well known line that has been sold in the US for several years. They’re one of the earliest lines, going back to the beginning days of nicotine pouches and were one of the first lines on the market. I was traveling back in 2020, and I happened upon them in a gas station in the Midwest. Today we’re checking out their Honey Lemon flavor with Rogue Honey Lemon 3mg and Rogue Honey Lemon 6mg, which is one of their more interesting and unique flavors!


Rogue Cinnamon - Expert Review

Rogue nicotine pouches is a brand that’s been around for quite a while. Compared to other new brands on the market, this is one that’s been out for a bit. I first had it a few years ago, myself. It’s different, and stands out a lot compared to others on the market. The can is a full sized can, and is similar in form and size to an American dip can. The pouches are also quite different. Compared to other mini/dry pouches out there, these are full sized, and moist. This one is definitely different! The line has quite a few flavors, but today we’re going to be checking out Rogue Cinnamon 6mg. This one also comes in a 3mg variant.


Rogue Wintergreen 3mg & 6mg - Expert Review

A few years ago, I tried Rogue for the first time. I’d heard about them quite a few times, as they have been one of the earliest sold brands of nicotine pouches in the US. Rogue is intriguing!  It comes in a full, regular sized can, almost resembling the size of an American dip can. However, this product is completely tobacco-free. The pouches, also, are not the mini/dry type like others sold in the US. They’re regular sized, moist, and quite soft. Today, we’re checking out the very American flavor of Wintergreen!