WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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How to Buy nicotine pouches in Arizona: The ultimate guide

Buying nicotine pouches can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. However, if you’re in Arizona and looking to transition to a tobacco-free lifestyle, you’re in the right place. Prilla delivers to Arizona using UPS, and depending on the delivery option you choose, your nicotine pouches can be with you between 2 and 7 days. Further information you may need, from where to buy nicotine pouches to choosing the right one, is found below. So, if you require this knowledge, keep reading.


Do nicotine pouches expire?

Your pouches are low, and you’re panicking. But – you spot a can on your shelf that you had forgotten about, which could be your saving grace. Is it still safe to use? Will it satisfy your craving? Where can you find the expiry date, and is there even one there? So. Many. Questions.

If you’ve been in this position before, are in it now, or are just looking to learn more about whether nicotine pouches like ZYN expire, keep reading because we’re here to help!


Rogue vs ZYN - A comparison of two bestsellers

To start with, it should be said that Rogue and ZYN are two very different brands on the spectrum of nicotine pouches, perhaps the two with most differences; both with regards to the flavors on offer, but also the pouch properties. With that in mind, there are qualities of each that will appeal to one user over the other, and lots of qualities that make them perfect to alternate between depending on mood. In this comparison, we will touch upon their differences in terms of price, quality, nicotine release, flavor, and contents. 


The best strong nicotine pouches - rated 1 to 5

Enjoying your pouches but wishing they packed a more powerful punch? If so, and you're on the hunt for the best strong nicotine pouches, look no further! While these products initially hit the US market in lower strengths, there’s since been an influx of high-potency pouches making their way stateside. So we brought in industry expert Chad "Snubie" Jones to sift through the strong category and tell us his favorites.


The 10 best nicotine pouches

Browsing Prilla.com but overwhelmed by the selection of pouches, brands, and flavors? Tried a few but looking for something new? Fear not, as we brought in Chad ‘Snubie’ Jones, the industry’s most well-known reviewer, to rank his favorite nicotine pouches! In this post, you’ll get to know a professional’s go-to's, which might help you get started if you’re constantly asking Google which nicotine pouches to try or what the best nicotine pouch flavors are.

Prilla Deep Dive: What is ZYN? How to use ZYN & more

What is ZYN, anyway? Oh, it’s only one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands on the planet. But if you didn’t know that, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here today, to talk all about this much-loved line. This is the first installment of Prilla’s Deep Dive series, in which we explore brands in-depth so that you can get a better understanding of them and sharpen your knowledge of the smokeless world. Ready? Let’s get into it!


VELO flavors ranked: check out the top 5 flavors

It’s easy to buy VELO nicotine pouches online. But…knowing which flavors to pick isn’t. There are just so many, and that’s great, but there’s no doubt that this can also bode for a bit of pre-checkout madness that looks something like this – add to cart, remove from cart, repeat.

Sometimes it’s easier to have a decision made for you, or at least go off someone else’s opinion. If you agree, you’ll find this post useful. We brought in none other than Chad Jones, AKA ‘Snubie,’ to save the day, once again, by letting us know his top 5 VELO flavors. Keep reading to find out what they are.


On! flavors ranked

Want to buy On! nicotine pouches, but still trying to decide which flavors to choose? We can help you with that. We partnered with pouch expert Chad Jones, who also goes by the name of ‘Snubie’ and picked his brains about the best-tasting On! pouches for this post. So, keep reading to get the lowdown on what the man who’s tried it all thinks about this brand’s flavors and find out his top 5.


LUCY Wintergreen 4mg, 8mg & 12mg - Expert Review

LUCY Nicotine Pouches is a relatively new line of nicotine pouches sold in the US. If the name sounds familiar, they have a popular line of nicotine gum sold in the US, as well. This new line of nicotine pouches comes in a wide array of flavors and strengths. These are the standard Lucy pouches, but they also make a line of capsule pouches with flavor capsules in them, called LUCY Breakers. Today, we’re checking out their wintergreen flavor in the 4 and 8mg strength. They also make a 12mg strength, but I didn’t have a can of it with me for the photo. I’ve had it before, so I’ll still reference the strength in the review. Now let's check these products out!


What Are the Side Effects of ZYN Pouches?

It’s always smart to do a little research on any new product you want to try, and nicotine pouches are no exception. And if you’re interested in ZYN pouches specifically, you may be wondering how they affect your body or mood. While every person responds to nicotine products uniquely, general side effects for nicotine pouches are possible for any brand you buy, including ZYN.

Here are some of the more common side effects of ZYN pouches, along with why they happen and what you can do if they bother you.