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ZYN Alternatives — Similar Flavors from Different Brands

ZYN Alternatives — Similar Flavors from Different Brands
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ZYN has been all the rage recently, and the spike in sales has made it difficult to find products from the brand.

To find out more, we’ve compiled a guide to the ZYN shortage (which also outlines Prilla’s ZYN purchasing restriction to ensure our customers have fair access to the products).

In the meantime, one of the best ways to avoid disruption in nicotine pouch consumption is to seek out ZYN alternatives. Below, we’ve compiled the best options from other popular brands.

How to Choose a ZYN Alternative

There are dozens of nicotine pouches on the market, but some make better alternatives than others.

There are four main aspects to consider:

  • Strength. ZYN products are available with either 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. Users should look for options that match their usual strength level.
  • Flavor. Taste is a major part of the pouch experience, so choose an alternative with a similar flavor.
  • Moisture level. ZYNs are dry pouches, meaning they provide a gradual and longer-lasting release of nicotine and flavor. Moist pouches offer a faster and more intense release, providing a different experience to ZYNs.
  • Size. ZYNs are mini pouches, which are smaller than the regular or slim pouches offered by many brands.

Best Zyn Alternatives

Below, we’ve made flavor categories matching every ZYN product and highlighted the options that match the pouches most closely based on the factors outlined above.

Wintergreen Alternatives

Wintergreen is one of the most popular flavors thanks to its unique, aromatic, and minty taste profile.

For as close a match as possible with regular (6mg) strength, consider:

Options to replace Wintergreen 3mg include:

Cool Mint Alternatives

Cool Mint offers a refreshing icy blast of menthol, along with a dash of peppermint. The nicotine pouches below all focus on frosty, minty sensations to offer a similar experience.

Here are some products with a 6 mg strength:

  • Rogue Frost 6mg. A similar taste experience and the same strength, but in the form of moist, regular-sized pouches.
  • On! Mint 8mg. A stronger replacement, but comes in mini and dry pouches.

And here are some 3 mg options:

  • VELO Mint 4mg. Combines a sweet taste with a tingling sensation, and comes in dry pouches with a slim format.
  • On! Mint 4mg. Dry mini pouches with a cooling peppermint taste.

Peppermint Alternatives

Peppermint is another well-loved mint flavor, known for its potency and intensity. Thanks to peppermint’s popularity, there are plenty of options on the market!

Some 6 mg alternatives are:

As for 3 mg alternatives, check out:

Spearmint Alternatives

Spearmint has a sweeter and milder flavor. Although it’s not quite as popular as the mint products outlined above, there’s still some choice.



Citrus Alternatives

Citrus nicotine pouches are loved by many users for their juicy yet refreshing taste. Fortunately, ZYN isn’t the only brand that offers this flavor!



  • VELO Citrus 4mg. Somewhat stronger but with a dry moisture level and mini pouches.
  • On! Citrus 2mg. Slightly weaker but also comes as mini dry pouches.

Smooth Alternatives

Smooth is an unflavored offering. Since taste profile is one of the most challenging elements to recreate, the absence of flavor makes it easier to choose an alternative.



Cinnamon Alternatives

Cinnamon has a unique spicy, subtly sweet taste. While it’s one of the less popular ZYN flavors, it may still be necessary to seek out an alternative.



Coffee Alternatives

Coffee flavors can be sweet, creamy, bitter, or somewhere in between, making it tough to find an alternative. But we’ve done our best with the options below.



Want to Try Something New?

Some might want to emulate their usual experience to a tee with a ZYN alternative. Others may want to take the opportunity to try something new, whether it’s a fresh flavor or a different moisture level. Whatever the case, the selection above has something to suit everyone.


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