WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The top 5 best nicotine lozenges 2024

The top 5 best nicotine lozenges 2024
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Nicotine lozenges may be a strange product to those who use nicotine pouches or gum. However, brands of said nicotine products, like Rogue, have a line of their own, making this product not completely unfamiliar. In this article, the best nicotine lozenges are unveiled, ready for 2024, accompanied by a brief description of what they are and how to use them for those not accustomed to this nicotine product.

What are nicotine lozenges?

Nicotine lozenges may be a product you haven’t come across before. In turn, key facts about the product are bullet-pointed, giving an understanding of this nicotine product before the best are listed.

  • It is a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).
  • They are discreet and easy to use.
  • Each provides a long-lasting nicotine and flavor release compared to pouches and gum.
  • Many flavors and strengths are available, suiting a variety of user preferences.
  • They are smoke-free and do not damage your oral hygiene.

Unlike nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges were introduced to the US years after in 2002. Since then, more popular brands such as LUCY have created their own, providing more variety within the market.

How to use nicotine lozenges: Is it the same as pouches?

When it comes to using this small product, it’s not entirely different from other smoke-free nicotine products. The process is simple, and little action is needed to enjoy the nicotine and flavor release. All that is needed is to:

  1. Pick a lozenge
  2. Place it in a comfortable position in your mouth. A preferred place is under your lower lip, either to the left or the right side.
  3. Let it dissolve. This step is important.

The reason the last step is important is that if you chew or suck on the product, the nicotine release will be affected. Either little nicotine will be absorbed, or too much will be extracted quickly. Let the nicotine lozenge dissolve.

The best nicotine lozenges: Rated from 1 to 5

With the background information covered, it’s time to see the best nicotine lozenges for 2024.

  1. Rogue Lozenges Wintergreen 4mg has a sweet, fresh, and creamy tasting experience.
    Rogue Lozenges Wintergreen 4mg
  2. Rogue Lozenges Citrus 2mg is a product with a tart and tangy flavor profile.
    Rogue Lozenges Citrus 2mg
  3. Rogue Lozenges Peppermint 2mg has a favored profile with refreshing herbal tones.
    Rogue Lozenges Peppermint 2mg
  4. LUCY Lozenges Cherry Ice 4mg has a dual profile with notes of sweet cheery and cooling menthol.
    LUCY Lozenges Cherry Ice 4mg
  5. LUCY Lozenges Citrus 4mg is a sweet and sour product with a refreshing effect.
    LUCY Lozenges Citrus 4mg

These aren’t the only products on Prilla to add to your rotation. Each brand offers a few more variations. See what else is available if you aren’t sure about those above.

What are the best lozenges by brand?

There are two brands of nicotine lozenges to keep an eye on. Rogue and LUCY. Both have a line of nicotine pouches and gum, making them experienced in the nicotine consumables field, enabling trust between the consumer and brand. Each brand offers different products, whether in flavor, strength, or the amount available. All of which is below.

Rogue nicotine lozenges

Rogue nicotine lozenges come in 3 different flavors, ranging from Wintergreen to Citrus. Moreover, two nicotine strengths are available, 2 and 4 mg, offering a choice the other brands do not. With each packet comes 20 products for you to enjoy.

LUCY nicotine lozenges

LUCY nicotine lozenges, like Rogue lozenges, offer three different flavors - Mint, Cherry Ice, and Citrus, enabling those with varying preferences to enjoy this line. Each comes in a strength of 4mg of nicotine, suitable for those trying to reduce their nicotine consumption. Moreover, each tub contains 27 of these nicotine discs, providing far more than any other brand on the market.

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