WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Articles by Sarah

How to Buy Nicotine Pouches in Alaska: Complete Guide

Nicotine pouches have been rising in popularity as a tobacco alternative for a few years now. Information about brands like ZYN is all over social media and the press, and there’s no shortage of retailers selling these products — especially online. But it’s important to realize that each state has its own regulations and idiosyncrasies when it comes to the sale of nicotine pouches.

This article covers everything consumers should know about how to buy nicotine pouches in Alaska, from the best shops to relevant laws.


9 Reasons to Create an Account With Us

Nicotine pouches are available for purchase at most gas stations, so buying through an online retailer can seem like an extra hassle for little reward—especially if it involves creating an account. But for regular pouch consumers, the five minutes it takes to sign up are worth it for the option to purchase 24/7 and access the freshest products possible.


What is the Best Way to Dispose of Nicotine Pouches?

Using a nicotine pouch is incredibly simple, but after finishing, there are a few complications. Are they safe to just toss into the trash, or is there a particular disposal method to follow?

We’ll answer all these questions below to clarify how to dispose of nicotine pouches — including ZYNs — safely.


Can You Use Nicotine Pouches Without Staining Your Teeth?

Humans only get one pair of teeth (baby teeth aside), so looking after them couldn’t be more critical. Since nicotine pouches are placed directly in the mouth, many users have concerns about how they could impact their oral health. So, does nicotine stain your teeth?

We’ll share what to expect when using nicotine pouches and the main culprits behind yellow teeth.


The Different Nicotine Pouch Flavors

Mint has long been the go-to nicotine pouch flavor, but its icy reign may be coming to an end. Whether it’s cinnamon, espresso, or dragon fruit, the competition among pouch manufacturers to develop the next novel flavor idea is fierce.

This article provides a guide to flavored nicotine pouches and which brands offer them.