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The different ZYN strengths explained

The different ZYN strengths explained
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ZYN nicotine pouches are the most popular brand across the United States of America, but do you know what the ZYN strengths are and what they mean? Everything is discussed here, from all ZYN strengths available to how they compare with other brands and whether they are considered strong. 

Understanding the ZYN strengths

When nicotine pouch strength is mentioned it usually refers to the amount of nicotine in each nicopod. There isn’t a ‘one strength suits all,’ so brands offer pouches with different amounts of nicotine, suiting users with low or high nicotine tolerances. However, other factors influence the strength of a product, discussed below. Each brand has its scale and will vary from each other, so it’s important to know what to look for. In the case of ZYN, there are two strengths, both of which are below.

How are the different ZYN strengths categorized?

Regarding ZYN in the US, two different levels are available for consumers to try - ZYN 3 and ZYN 6. But what’s the difference between these two nicotine pouches? Using the name as an indicator:

  • ZYN 3 has a nicotine content of 3 mg per pouch.
  • ZYN 6 has a nicotine content of 6 mg per pouch.

With that information, we can deduce that ZYN 6 is the stronger of the two nicopods, suiting the more experienced nicotine pouch user. In turn, if you’re new to nicotine, ZYN 3 makes the perfect option.

What other factors affect nicotine pouch strength?

Other than the nicotine content, other factors can alter the intensity of the nicotine pouch experience. These include:

  • Moisture Content - The moister the contents, the quicker they are released, increasing the potency of the flavor and nicotine sensation.
  • Flavor - a select few, like menthol, are potent, making the experience more robust.
  • pH - a slightly alkaline pH is required for nicotine to pass optimally into your system.
  • Pouch Size - The larger the portion, the more content is released, intensifying the experience.

ZYN has mini pouches and an array of flavors, with ZYN Cool Mint and ZYN Menthol providing a more robust experience.

How do ZYN's strengths compare to other brands?

When looking at what different brands offer in terms of strength, it can differ hugely. Some may have a wide range, while others skew with a selection of milder or more potent strengths. Below is a table comparing the ZYN strengths to other popular nicotine pouch brands.

Nicotine pouch brand

Strength range (mg/pouch)


3 - 6


2 - 4


2 - 7


3 - 6


The brands included in this table are some of the best-selling products on Prilla. When comparing their strength, ZYN and Rogue have the same range but not as broad as VELO’s. On! has nicotine strengths that are lighter than the others, better suited to those reducing their nicotine content. However, all brands have a nicotine strength that suits users with different nicotine tolerances, showing each brand's ability to cater to different consumer needs.

Are ZYN strengths considered strong?

Nicotine pouch strength ranges from 2 - 35.5 mg of nicotine per pouch. Nicotine pouches with 6 - 8 mg of nicotine are considered moderate, and those over 8 mg per portion are considered strong, extra strong, super strong, and so on. Where does ZYN sit within all this?

ZYN's strengths are mild and moderate, perfect for all-day use.

Those more accustomed to the product may find ZYN to be on the mild side due to their high nicotine tolerance. On the other hand, those new to nicotine may find ZYN 6 to be too potent. Therefore, considering whether a nicotine pouch is strong or not depends on the person using the nicopod.

ZYN 6: ZYN pouches’ strongest option

ZYN 6 is the line with the most amount of nicotine per portion. The many flavors within this line enable ZYN to cater to those with different taste preferences. Some of the more popular ZYN 6 flavors include:

These nicotine pouches are mini in format, weighing 0.4 grams each, promising an effortless fit under the lip and a discreet and comfortable mouthfeel. Although each is lightweight, they deliver an effective nicotine sensation and a burst of flavor, promising a premium and entertaining experience.

What do consumers think of ZYN 6?

ZYN is one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the US, and ZYN 6 is enjoyed by many. It has excellent production quality, crisp tasting experiences, smooth nicotine releases, and ultimate mouthfeels. Previous Prilla customers have left many positive reviews about ZYN 6.

“Love the fresh peppermint taste. And the nicotine level is perfect without being too much to handle.” Emma on ZYN Peppermint 6.

“Citrus 6mg is a go-to alternate when I’ve had enough of my favorite cinnamon.” Timothy on ZYN Citrus 6.

“Honestly, I think this is the best flavor of zyn, not too harsh, kinda sweet, and tastes great.” Zack, on ZYN Coffee 6.

ZYN 6 has a fantastic reception on Prilla US. If you want an expert ZYN review on the different flavors, there is just the article on our blog.

Do the ZYN strengths differ in Europe compared to the US?

Many users think that the strength of ZYN is universal across the world. However, it may be a surprise to know that the strength options in Europe are different from those in the US. The table below visualizes this.

US ZYN Strengths

European ZYN Strengths


ZYN Low (3mg/pouch)


ZYN Regular (6mg/pouch)


ZYN Strong (9mg/pouch)


ZYN Extra Strong (11mg/pouch)


As detailed above, a wider range of strengths are present in Europe, varying from around 3mg/pouch to 11mg/pouch. Who would’ve thought it? A possible reason for this difference may be due to more regulation in the US by the FDA. But we’ll leave you to postulate on that one.

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