WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The best strong nicotine pouches - rated 1 to 5

The best strong nicotine pouches - rated 1 to 5
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Enjoying your pouches but wishing they packed a more powerful punch? If so, and you're on the hunt for the best strong nicotine pouches, look no further! While these products initially hit the US market in lower strengths, there’s since been an influx of high-potency pouches making their way stateside. So we brought in industry expert Chad "Snubie" Jones to sift through the strong category and tell us his favorites.

About strong nicotine pouches

If you've tried On! or ZYN pouches before and found their 3 mg to 8 mg strength levels slightly underwhelming, you’ll be pleased to know that you can buy nicotine pouches that go as much as two to three times higher to meet your needs.

Strong nicotine pouches took the smokeless scene by storm around 2020, gaining immense popularity shortly after hitting the shelves. They’re loved for their extra-satisfying kick that’s usually delivered within moments of being placed under the lip. This is caused by the higher moisture content and pH that these products often have, which increases the bioavailability of their active ingredients.

But enough of the science of a nicotine buzz, what are the best strong pouches to get one?

The best strong nicotine pouches

With over 14 years of experience reviewing thousands of products, Snubie has put together a list of the five best strong nicotine pouches available right here at Prilla.com. Take a look, and perhaps try some out. You never know, you might just find your new favorite!

#1 – Bridge Citrus 15mg

If you like a tart, tangy pouch - Bridge Citrus is the one for you!

Bridge Citrus 15mg


Snubie's number one pick was Bridge Citrus, a tangy and tart pouch that's perfect for citrus lovers. Its extra-strong 15 mg nicotine level kicks hard and fast, delivering intense, near-immediate satisfaction. “This one is great all day, every day for those who like it strong!” he said.



#2 – Fre Lush 15mg

Citrus collides with melon in the most beautiful way with Fre Lush!

FRE Lush 15mg


Fre Lush combines citrus and melon in a unique way, offering a profile that you won't find anywhere else. “The sweetness from the melon balances out well with the tartness of the citrus”, said Snubie. He also remarked it as a “must-try for those seeking something interesting.”




#3 – Hit Apelsin 15 mg

The only orange-flavored pouch on the market, Hit Apelsin is a must-try!

HIT Apelsin 15mg


Hit Apelsin is the only orange-flavored pouch on the market, making it a unique addition to your collection. Snubie was surprised at how well the taste of orange worked in this product and praised it for offering a “straightforward, tangy flavor.”




#4 – Bridge Cool Mint 15 mg

A smooth, cool taste of mint awaits you with Bridge Cool Mint.

Bridge Cool Mint 15mg


There may be a lot of mint products out there, but this is one that Snubie thinks stands out from the crowd. His comments? “I like this because of how smooth it is. It isn’t too sharp, or icy. It’s just lightly sweet, smooth, gentle mint!” If you like fresh flavors and want something with a stronger kick, we agree with Snubie that you’ll want to check this one out!




#5 – White Fox Full Charge 16.5mg

Full-sized pouches? Full, bold flavor? With White Fox Full Charge, you got it!

White Fox Full Charge


This is a unique product. Not just for its flavor, but more so for the pouches themselves. Most are mini/dry, or long/slim, but these break the mold! Snubie says “with its plump, full-sized pouches, they feel incredible under the lip, and have a great release of flavor due to their moisture content. The taste is fresh and minty, and the kick is controlled yet super-intense!” Chad also said that this is “quite possibly one of the best mint products out there.” So mint lovers, don't miss this one!




So, there you go! We hope that Snubie’s list has given you a starting point if you’re looking for something with a real kick. Chad also noted that “the Siberia line has come to the US, and now it is currently the strongest product line on the market. While I don’t use it myself, those who want something even stronger than my list above should definitely check it out!” But, for those who want to keep it at the strong level, Snubie recommends these products as the best place to start!

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