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ZYN Shortage: What You Need to Know

ZYN Shortage: What You Need to Know
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Demand for ZYN has been steadily rising over the last few years, and the brand may have finally become a victim of its own success. Many US states are struggling to replenish their stock levels, especially for the most popular flavors.

At Prilla, we’ve responded to the shortage with a temporary purchasing restriction, which will remain in place until the supply chain returns to normal. This post explains exactly what that means for customers, sheds some light on the situation, and offers suggestions for obtaining the nicotine pouches (or a suitable alternative).

What’s Happening?

Anyone who has noticed a lack of ZYN at their local shop isn’t alone.

On 17 May 2024, Bloomberg reported that various retailers and wholesalers were out of stock, noting New York, New Jersey, and Florida were among the affected states. Many users have also taken to social media to express concerns.

It’s understandable that customers are feeling alarmed, but the shortage is a temporary issue caused by excessive demand and insufficient supply.

Earlier in the year, the CFO of Philip Morris International (which owns the ZYN brand) commented that the products’ increasing popularity was “creating some tensions on the supply chain.”

Once manufacturers ramp up production accordingly, stocks will return to normal.

Is ZYN Still Available On Prilla?

Prilla still has healthy stock levels of ZYN products. But we want to ensure everyone has the same access to products and avoid running down our supply, so we’ve introduced a temporary purchasing restriction.

Current Purchasing Restriction: 30 cans every 30 days per customer.

(Page last updated on 3rd June 2024)

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How Long Will the Purchasing Restriction Last?

Nobody knows when supplies will return to normal, so we can’t guarantee that we will remove the purchasing restriction on a fixed date.

But we can guarantee that we’ll keep you in the loop and increase the restriction (or remove it) as soon as possible. We’re in close communication with the brand and doing what we can to meet our customers’ needs.

Why Is There a Shortage?

ZYN is struggling to keep up with deliveries due to the brand’s massive surge in popularity recently, which has caused a mismatch between demand and supply.

In April 2024, Philip Morris International reported shipping 131.6 million cans in the US alone in the first quarter of 2024 — an 80% increase compared to the first quarter of 2023.

The shortage has caused panic among some regular users, leading to online rumors that there are alternative explanations for the lack of supply. However, there’s no evidence the issues are due to anything other than unprecedented demand.

In other words, there’s no need to worry about these products disappearing forever!

Is There a ZYN ban?

Some have speculated that the shortage is due to an upcoming ban.

This theory emerged because some political actors have involved ZYN in their campaigns, such as Senator Charles Schumer.

However, there’s nothing to suggest a ban is impending.

Was There a Fire at the Warehouse?

Others have blamed the shortage on a fire at a manufacturing plant.

However, this appears to be a case of misinformation.

It’s true there was a fire at the Swedish Match factory in Gothenburg, Sweden, which manufactures ZYN for the European market. However, all pouches for the US market are produced in Kentucky. There is no evidence of a fire taking place at the Kentucky plant.

How to Get ZYN Amid the Shortage

There may be a shortage, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to obtain ZYN. Below, we’ve listed the best options for concerned customers.

Seek out Alternatives 

Retailers may have a limited number of ZYN products available, but the good news is that the brand is far from the only product of its kind on the market.

ZYN is simply a brand of nicotine pouches (a type of tobacco-free product that contains nicotine in sachets for oral consumption).

Thanks to the brand’s popularity, many consumers now associate nicotine pouches solely with ZYN, similar to how most people associate clear adhesive tape solely with Scotch Tape. But there are many other brands available.

We have compiled a guide to our favorite ZYN alternatives. 

Stock Up

Since many retailers are out of ZYN completely or have imposed restrictions, it’s unwise to wait until running out of supplies before buying more.

There’s no need to start stockpiling like crazy, especially if it means paying over the odds or purchasing from questionable sources. But it makes sense to stock up on when presented with the opportunity.

Nicotine pouches don’t expire for at least six months, and they can even be frozen.

Look Outside of Local Stores

The shortage appears to have affected physical stores the most, especially gas stations. This is likely due to their low stock levels compared to specialist or online retailers.

So, consumers shouldn’t panic if their local store has been out of ZYN for the past few weeks. Most online stores still have stock, including Prilla. And we’re managing our supplies carefully to ensure this won’t change any time soon.

Consider Less Popular Flavors

If buying in-store, the current shortage is most pronounced with certain flavors.

On social media, some users reported that their local shops were only running short on certain products. Others, such as ZYN Coffee 6mg, may be more widely available.

Now could be the time to experiment with new flavors. Who knows — a temporary replacement could become a new favorite product!

The Bottom Line? Don’t Worry

Nobody wants to hear their favorite product is in short supply, but there’s no need to panic. Consumers can still purchase ZYN on Prilla, turn to other brands of nicotine pouches, or consider alternative flavors.


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