WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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ZYN Spearmint 6mg

Nicotine Pouches

4.9 of 5 11  Reviews
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Short Facts

Brand ZYN
Flavor Mint
Strength Strong
Format Mini
Product typeNicotine Pouches
Nicotine6 mg/pouch
ManufacturerSwedish Match


Spearmint and snus lovers rejoice! Subtle, pleasant and immensely satisfying, the ZYN Spearmint 6 can delivers a refreshing burst of flavor for up to an hour. If you like the taste of menthol, but find regular peppermint or cool mint products too strong, then try the ZYN Spearmint 6.

Every can of ZYN Spearmint 6 contains 15 nicotine pouches, each one with 6 milligrams of nicotine salts inside. The ZYN Spearmint 6 can is ultra-slim and can easily slide unnoticed into a jacket or pant pocket. ZYN Spearmint 6 nicotine pouches are smokeless, spitless, and won’t stain or discolor your teeth. Incredibly discreet, ZYN Spearmint 6 pouches are used simply by inserting one between your upper lip and gum.

ZYN Spearmint 6 nicotine pouches contain no tobacco materials at all. Each pouch is filled with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine salt, which is extracted from tobacco leaves and bears no relation to table salt. Additionally, ZYN Spearmint 6 pouches contain food-grade ingredients including sweeteners, flavorings and PH balancers. ZYN nicotine pouches are gluten-free, lactose-free, have less than 1% of daily recommended carbohydrates, and contain less than 1 calorie per pouch.

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How to use ZYN Spearmint 6mg?

  • Open the can of ZYN Spearmint 6mg
  • Simply take the ZYN Spearmint 6mg pouch in your hand and lift your upper lip. Then place the nicotine pouch under your lip and leave it there for it to release the nicotine slowly and gradually.
  • That's it. Now you know how to use ZYN Spearmint 6mg nicotine pouches.
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Customer reviews for ZYN Spearmint 6mg
4.9 of 5 11  Reviews
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