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Do nicotine pouches expire?

Do nicotine pouches expire?

Your pouches are low, and you’re panicking. But – you spot a can on your shelf that you had forgotten about, which could be your saving grace. Is it still safe to use? Will it satisfy your craving? Where can you find the expiry date, and is there even one there? So. Many. Questions.

If you’ve been in this position before, are in it now, or are just looking to learn more about whether nicotine pouches like ZYN expire, keep reading because we’re here to help!

Do nicotine pouches have an expiry date?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes, in the sense that, by a certain date, your pouches will no longer be the same as when they were factory fresh (more on this later). And, no – because the best-before date may not be shown. Why is this? Unlike snus, dip, and other traditional tobacco products in the US, nicotine pouches aren’t classed as a food product, so the best-before date may not be printed on their cans but the production date should be.

Where is the expiry date on nicotine pouch cans?

To find the date on the product is simple. The expiry date is found on the bottom of the can. All there is to do is turn it upside down and have a look. However, it’s not that simple sometimes as there may not be a date, as mentioned above, or it may not be very clear, and it can be hard to tell whether it’s the best-before or production date. It is for these reasons this guide, and the information below, are available to you.

What are the different dates on nicotine pouches? 

It can be confusing when finding out the product's expiration as dates can be written differently, and it can be hard to depict what the date is for. Below, is a table showing what dates different brands use and what it means.


Written on can




Manufactured on date



Manufactured on date



Production date



Production date


(only date)




Best before



Best before

On the bottom of the can, there is 1 date, maybe 2, in the MM/DD/YYYY format, and in a few cases DD/MM/YYYY. It’s all well and good describing what and where it should be hypothetically and sending you on your way. But to cement this knowledge let's look at some pictures and see what it really looks like.

Expiry date examples - What does it look like?

To help avoid confusion below are some annotated pictures of products we sell on Prilla.com to be sure you know what to look for.

  • ZYN: - At first glance, it may be confusing because it’s a bit unclear whether this date, 09 OCT 2024, is the production date or best-before. But if you look below it, the caption “BEST BEFORE”, in bold, is present.
    ZYN Can
  • Juice Head: On the underside of this can there is a date, 122822, which is the same as 28 DEC 2022 and comes after MFG, which stated above stands for manufactured on date.
    Juice Head Can
  • White Fox: This packaging has the date 01/30/2023 after PD, which stands for production date, and nicotine pouches usually last around a year. In turn, to get this product’s rough best-before date just add a year, making it 01/30/2024.
    White Fox Can

And if the date has no label then it’s likely to be the production date, so you’ll have around a year after that date to enjoy the product at its freshest. But, if there is no date on the packaging read below.

So, how long do nicotine pouches last?

If there’s no expiry date printed on your can, how do you know how long it’ll last? Also – will it ever expire? Most popular nicotine pouch brands in the US state that the duration for which their contents will stay at peak freshness is one to two years. Vague, right? We know. But that’s because your pouches’ longevity will depend on:

  1. Storage conditions: The humidity, temperature, and general cleanliness of the environment in which you store your pouches can significantly boost or reduce their longevity.
  2. Pouch format: A plump, moist pouch under the lip, like White Fox, is enjoyable. There’s no doubt. However, it isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something that’ll stand the test of time.

By not giving a best-before date, manufacturers essentially don’t state whether their products go bad at all. But that’s OK because, technically, nicotine doesn’t go bad – at least not in the same way as cheese or meat. Instead, it just degrades as its molecular structure changes over time. So, with this in mind, it’s easier to understand why ‘one to two years is about as precise as we’ll get. Here’s what Prilla’s Product Specialist Daniel had to say about this:

“It’s true. You can’t really give pouches a precise date for when they’ll expire. Not in the traditional sense, at least. And by that, I mean when it becomes unsafe to use the product. This is because it’s less of a case of safety and more just one of satisfaction. Old nicotine pouches are unlikely to present problems beyond a potentially underwhelming experience, provided you’ve stored them correctly.”

What happens to ‘expired’ nicotine pouches? 

So, if a rotten smell and a drastically different physical appearance aren’t often associated with products like VELO pouches when they’ve passed their freshness limit, what is? Check out the list below to get to grips with what you can expect before you dust off your trusty behind-the-sofa can:

  • Weak flavor and aroma: What was once a mouth-numbing, eye-watering mint blast or sweet, fruity treat while fresh; may be lackluster and dull when old.
  • Poor nicotine punch: If you’re accustomed to the full-strength kick of fresh pouches, you’ll likely be left wanting more from those that aren’t.
  • Reduced comfort: You might not even notice your pouches under your lip while they’re in date. But this might not be the case when they’re old and dry. Some slight irritation isn’t uncommon.

How can I make my nicotine pouches last longer?

Ever buy nicotine pouches online, only to realize you’ve ordered way too many? If so, you’re not the first! Some people get tens, sometimes hundreds of products in at a time, which begs the question of how they keep them fresh. So, how? There are three ways. And the first one comes before you get them!

No.1 – Choose a robust format

As discussed earlier, moist formats are satisfying but more likely to perish quicker than their dry counterparts. So, if you’re looking for something with a lengthier window of time to enjoy at its peak, brands like On! nicotine pouches are the way to go.

No.2 – Follow these storage guidelines

For the best chance that future-you will get a full experience, ensure you keep your pouches somewhere cool, dry, and away from sunlight. Some of the best places for this are in your fridge (as long as you aren’t storing them next to your salmon), pantry, or any cupboards that are away from heat and are clean.

No.3 – Separate your cans if required

Pro tip? Divvy up your cans based on where you’ll use them. If you take the car to work every day in the summer, just bring enough for the day. That way, you can keep the rest stored correctly and not expose more than you need to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

The bottom line

While nicotine pouches don't come with an explicit expiry date, they will change over time. How fast depends on the environmental factors they are to exposed to and their format. By understanding how to store them properly and choosing the right pouch type, you can maximize their freshness and get satisfaction throughout (and maybe even beyond) their shelf life.

Remember, nicotine may degrade, but it won't expire in the traditional sense, making it OK to use even if it's weak. However, if you are concerned about whether an older product is safe to use, please get in touch with us at support@prilla.com, or talk to the manufacturer directly.


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