WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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ZYN Cool Mint 6mg

Nicotine Pouches

4.75 of 5 22  Reviews
x15 Nicotine Pouches per can
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Short Facts

Brand ZYN
Flavor Mint
Strength Normal
Format Mini
PCS per item (in one can)15
Product TypeNicotine Pouches
Nicotine6 mg/pouch
ManufacturerSwedish Match


Relax, refresh and take it easy with the exhilarating taste of ZYN Cool Mint 6 nicotine pouches. If you enjoy an intense minty experience, then you’ll love the ZYN Cool Mint 6. Made from food-grade ingredients, ZYN Cool Mint 6 provides a satisfying experience and a great taste.

Stay minty fresh and totally cool with the ZYN Cool Mint 6. These pouches produce an icy blast of magnificent mint, combined with a satisfying nicotine kick. A ZYN Cool Mint 6 can will come with 15 nicotine pouches and every pouch contains 6 mg of nicotine salts. The slim can easily slide into a shirt or jacket pocket. On top of that, these pouches are spitless and will not stain your teeth.

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Buy ZYN Cool Mint 6mg online and receive your order within 1-5 business days. Fast delivery with UPS within USA. Free of charge with orders of at least $50. Secure payments with VISA and Mastercard.

How to use ZYN Cool Mint 6mg?

  • Open the can of ZYN Cool Mint 6mg
  • Simply take the ZYN Cool Mint 6mg pouch in your hand and lift your upper lip. Then place the nicotine pouch under your lip and leave it there for it to release the nicotine slowly and gradually.
  • That's it. Now you know how to use ZYN Cool Mint 6mg nicotine pouches.
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Customer reviews for ZYN Cool Mint 6mg
4.75 of 5 22  Reviews
Based on 22 reviews from our customers
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  1. 60%
    For those who fancy mint!
    There are a lot of mint nicotine pouches out there. A lot. In the Zyn series, for example, there are three, this one and Spearmint, as well as Peppermint. For me, I find the spearmint one to have the better flavor, but I’m more partial to the sweet taste of spearmint. If you’re a mint-lover, you may find this one to be an enjoyable flavor! But, I’d also suggest trying out Zyn Spearmint, because I think it’s a better one.
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    Chad Jones aka "Snubie"
    Chad Jones aka "Snubie" - Expert Review @chad-jones-snubie
  2. 100%
    Arjun R.
    Great timing, everything came as expected and very excited to use these products

    Arjun R. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  3. 100%
    Joseph L.
    Good stuff

    Joseph L. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  4. 100%
    Susan G.
    Works very well

    Susan G. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  5. 100%
    Mint pouches
    Excellent product!!!

    James B. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  6. 100%
    Very happy with the price
    Very happy with the price and delivery!

    William S. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  7. 100%
    Great price, fast shipping all good!

    Robert U. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  8. 100%

    Kevin L. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  9. 100%
    Haven't received it yet.
    Haven't received it yet.

    Edward B. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  10. 100%
    Fast service
    Fast service

    Rudy H. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  11. 100%
    Great product
    Great product for a great price. Quick delivery.

    Kevin W. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  12. 100%
    Good service!
    Easy to order !

    Mike D. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  13. 100%
    Thank you for the prompt delivery.

    Sankarkumar V -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  14. 100%
    Rad! Zyn for the win

    Patrick Mace -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  15. 100%
    Quick service

    Rob Cinclair -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  16. 100%
    Great save
    I've been a 1-2 can of skoal for over 30 years. My wife got tired of all the sludge jugs around the house. She asked me to give it an honest try and I haven't bought a can of dip in almost 3 months.

    JT -

  17. 100%
    Outstanding!!! Extremely happy I can purchase this quality product online and receive to quickly with free shipment. I was very skeptical and concerned initially that this was a scam. Your company went above and beyond on pricing and delivery. I am recommending your company to everyone I know!!! Thank you so much for keeping your promise. I there was a 10 star rating I would have given!!!

    Casper -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  18. 100%
    Great product was able to quit smoking and vaping

    James Graham -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  19. 100%
    Fast shipping quality products


    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  20. 100%
    An amazing product
    I must say that this product is amazing. It has saved me on many occasions, especially on my nightshifts.

    Robert -

  21. 60%
    Dylan H.
    These ain’t bad. Probably my second or third favorite from the Zyn lineup.

    Dylan H. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  22. 60%
    I ordered 13 cans. Package arrived torn an one can was open an contents all over inside of bag. Cans need to be taped together that are not in the pack of 5. Like 3 cans taped together. UPS is awful now. But value is good.

    Audrea Clemence -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
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