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The Different Nicotine Pouch Flavors

The Different Nicotine Pouch Flavors

Mint has long been the go-to nicotine pouch flavor, but its icy reign may be coming to an end. Whether it’s cinnamon, espresso, or dragon fruit, the competition among pouch manufacturers to develop the next novel flavor idea is fierce.

This article provides a guide to flavored nicotine pouches and which brands offer them.

Flavored Nicotine Pouches: A Guide

Here, we’ll break down following flavors:

  • Mint
  • Wintergreen
  • Fruit
  • Citrus
  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon

Minty Flavor

Mint Flavor

We might have kicked off this article by saying that mint no longer has a monopoly over the nicotine pouch market, but it’s still a popular flavor.

The great thing about this category is that it’s so versatile. Mint pouches encompass:

  • Peppermint pouches (a more potent flavor)
  • Spearmint pouches (a smoother, sweeter flavor)
  • Menthol pouches (an icy, frosty sensation)

ZYN Spearmint and ZYN Peppermint — two of ten options in the brand’s range — frequently top our bestsellers list.

Some products even combine more than one mint type together, or combine mint with other nicotine pouch ingredients — so there’s truly something for everyone.

Wintergreen Flavor

Wintergreen Flavor

Wintergreen often gets lumped into the mint category since the plant has a similarly aromatic, medicinal flavor. Confusingly enough, the taste of wintergreen often gets described as “minty”!

But technically, wintergreen isn’t part of the mint family at all, so it deserves its own flavor category.

Wintergreen pouches have a bolder, richer taste than their mint counterparts. This is especially true when it comes to high-strength options, such as LUCY Wintergreen 12mg. However, there are also low-strength wintergreen options.

Fruity Flavor

Fruit Flavor

Fruity pouches are one of the most popular options after mint. This flavor category might just be the most versatile of all — fruit pouches can transport the senses to a tropical island, vineyard, or orchard, to name just a few locations.

To get an idea of how diverse fruity flavors can be, just take a look at some of the products Juice Head offers:

  • Watermelon Strawberry Mint
  • Blueberry Lemon Mint
  • Mango Strawberry Mint
  • Peach Pineapple Mint

Another popular fruity option is berries, with many brands offering taste profiles that fuse various berries together to create their own unique combos.

But the fruit tastes used are getting increasingly adventurous, with many manufacturers now opting for items that don’t feature on the average person’s grocery shopping list. For instance, VELO now offers VELO Dragon Fruit, which boasts a unique taste that’s somewhere between kiwi and pear. 

Citrus Flavor

Citrus Flavor

While most fruit pouches have a sweet and juicy taste, citrus pouches tend to have a tarter edge. They share some similarities with minty flavors — the zesty edge mimics the icy sensation mint provides.

But the numbing, burning effect of mint isn’t what everyone wants from their nicotine pouch experience. Citrus pouches provide a happy medium between potent mint and sweet fruit pouches for users who want to be refreshed while enjoying delicious flavors.

One popular option is ZYN Citrus 6 mg, which combines lemon and lime for a fresh taste.

Coffee Flavor

Coffee Flavor

It’s no longer necessary to choose between a morning cup of coffee and a nicotine pouch to wake up in the morning — coffee flavored nicotine pouches offer the opportunity to enjoy both at once.

On! Offers coffee options in a few different strengths (4 mg, 2 mg, and 8 mg per pouch). They boast a flavor profile that’s reminiscent of a frappuccino, combining a rich coffee flavor with a teach of creaminess.

Cinnamon Flavor

Cinnamon Flavor

For pouch users hoping to switch things up, cinnamon nicotine pouches offer a flavor like no other. Cinnamon has gained a firm fanbase for combining a punch of spice with a sweeter touch, creating a distinctive yet delicious taste profile.

On! Cinnamon 2mg is a low-strength option, while LUCY Cinnamon 12 mg may suit users seeking something more potent.

An Alternative Option: Unflavored


If none of the flavors outlined above sound appealing, there’s also the option of unflavored nicotine pouches.

While opting for unflavored means missing out on all the exciting taste profiles outlined above, there are valid reasons why people choose unflavored nicotine pouches over their flavored counterparts — and it’s not about being a contrarian. These include:

  • Avoiding sweeteners and unnecessary ingredients for a more natural option
  • Keeping a neutral taste palette for consuming other food or drink
  • Enjoying the sensation of nicotine without overwhelming, overpowering tastes

Most leading nicotine pouch brands offer unflavored options. For instance, there’s On! Original 8 mg.

Ready to Taste the Rainbow?

The world of nicotine pouches offers something to cater to all taste buds. This includes the bitterness of coffee, the sweetness of fruity flavors, the freshness of mint, and even unflavored options for those who don’t want any of the above.

It may be tough to decide what to try first, but the journey is part of the fun!


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