WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Extra Strong

LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg

Nicotine Pouches

4.5 of 5 2  Reviews
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Short Facts

Brand LUCY
Flavor Mint
Strength Extra Strong
Format Slim
Product typeNicotine Pouches
Nicotine12 mg/pouch
ManufacturerLucy Goods, Inc.


LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg delivers an intense nicotine kick and a bold, cooling wintergreen flavor, making it the ideal product for well-versed users with a preference for fresh-tasting pouches at the extra-strong level (12 mg/pouch). 

The pouches are slim, soft, and all-white, so they will fit under your lip discreetly and comfortably, not stain your teeth, cause bad breath, or make you need to spit. Moreover, thanks to their unique moisture-enhancing blend, they deliver nicotine and flavor rapidly, guaranteeing swift satisfaction every time. LUCY's nicotine is unlike that featured in the products of other brands, as it is synthetic rather than tobacco-derived. As a result, you can enjoy each pouch knowing that at no point did it come into contact with any tobacco leaf, stem, dust, or sheet. 

Synthetic nicotine is becoming an increasingly popular form of nicotine in all-white products, even though it requires more skill to make. Since it contains zero traces of tobacco, it is incredibly pure, which is something that many consumers find appealing. 


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How to use LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg?

  • Open the can of LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg
  • Simply take the LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg pouch in your hand and lift your upper lip. Then place the nicotine pouch under your lip and leave it there for it to release the nicotine slowly and gradually.
  • That's it. Now you know how to use LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg nicotine pouches.
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Customer reviews for LUCY Wintergreen 12 mg
4.5 of 5 2  Reviews
Based on 2 reviews from our customers
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  1. 100%
    What FRE once was
    What FRE once was

    Chuck B. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  2. 80%
    One quality issue, but otherwise fantastic product
    This was my first time trying LUCY, I usually use Zyn but I wanted something stronger. I ordered a 30 pack, because of the great value. My first can I noticed the pouches were a tan color, not the usual white that I'm used to with Zyn. There must have been something wrong with it because the flavor was terrible, like sucking on a wad of paper. I thought perhaps it was just a bad can so I opened another. They were white and the flavor was fantastic. The pouches are long lasting and the size is not too large. I'm five cans in and haven't had another bad one. That's the only reason I rated 4 stars instead of 5, because of the one bad can, so far. 25 more to go and I'll post another review with the final quality review.

    Jonathan -