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What is the Best Way to Dispose of Nicotine Pouches?

What is the Best Way to Dispose of Nicotine Pouches?
By Sam
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If you’re a nicotine pouch user or plan to become one, you may have questions about how they work. While these tobacco-free products are incredibly simple to use, they don’t work quite like other nicotine products. In particular, what happens when you're done with your pouch? Where do you put it? Is it safe to just toss it into the trash?

We’ll answer all of your nicotine pouch disposal questions here.


What do you do with a used nicotine pouch?

If you’re all done with your pouch, you can safely toss it in any trash can or bin. You’ll be glad to know that used pouches don’t produce a lingering odor or bring any attention to them. And if you don’t like the idea of your used pouches laying on top of other trash where people can see them, consider wrapping it up in a napkin or tissue for a more discreet disposal. Chances are no one will notice the pouch because they’re so small, but it’s good to know you can be as inconspicuous as you want.


Save an empty tin for disposal

If you use a lot of nicotine pouches during the day, you may decide to save an empty tin as a disposal container. You can easily store used pouches inside until the tin is full, then throw the entire tin into the trash. Again, if you don't want people to see the tin, just wrap it inside a smaller plastic bag before putting it into the trash.


Use your catch lid

Many brands on the market today come with “catch lids” built into the design of the tin. The lid is essentially a hidden compartment in the top of the lid. When you are done with a pouch, instead of screwing or snapping off the tin lid and putting it into the tin with the unused pouches, you can actually flip up the top of this catch lid and stash your used pouches in there.

Catch lids aren’t particularly roomy, so you can typically only store one or two used pouches in there, and not all brands have them. Some people actually use the catch lids as their container of choice to carry around unused pouches. Because you’re only carrying around the lid, it’s much slimmer than carrying an entire tin in your pocket or bag. If you are only going out with one or two pouches, this lid trick will take up less room in your pocket or purse.

You won’t find catch lids on every type of tin, but brands that have them include ZYN and VELO. You can also find custom-made tins online that hold your pouches fashionably and have catch lids. Some people prefer not having their brands showing so prominently and like having a tin that represents their personality or style. 


Where you shouldn’t toss your used pouches

It’s important to never throw away used nicotine pouches in the toilet or drains. Don't toss them into water, and avoid throwing them on the ground. Be a good consumer and take care to throw them away in a responsible and mess-free manner. It's very easy to do, so you have no reason not to.


Do not reuse your pouches

Do not reuse nicotine pouches that you already enjoyed. Once you’re finished, just throw the pouch into the trash. Don’t try to use it again later, even if you think you didn’t get all of the possible nicotine out of it. Nicotine pouches, especially those sold from Prilla, are affordable enough that you can reach for a new, clean pouch each time. You’ll get maximum enjoyment from the flavor and strength of your choice.


Are nicotine pouches safe to throw away?

Unlike some other nicotine products, you can toss pouches into the trash without worrying about them leaking into other things or potentially causing a fire.

It’s important to remember that used nicotine pouches may have some nicotine left in them, so be mindful of who may have access to your trash. A trash can or bin with a cover is the best place to throw them away, especially in a home or outside location where pets or children may be able to access it.


What about other nicotine products?

Other nicotine products aren’t safe to throw away. The EPA regulates the disposal of some nicotine substances, including nicotine nasal sprays, e-liquids and vape juices (including cartridges and vials), and nicotine used for research. These items are considered hazardous waste and you must handle them carefully, which means you cannot toss them into the trash like you can with a used nicotine pouch.


How nicotine pouches differ from e-cigarettes

E-cigarette waste has gotten some press in recent years because of how damaging it can be for the environment. The FDA put together a guide for dealing with e-cigarettes waste, because it should be taken seriously. The FDA advises avoiding handling the liquid or getting it on your skin. You should place it in a proper container and take it to a hazardous waste disposal facility at least every 90 days. It’s important to also avoid contact with pets and children to prevent accidental poisoning.

E-cigarettes also have batteries that you should remove before throwing them away. These can explode if stored improperly. Before you discard them, check with local authorities to see where you can safely throw them away.

There is a lot to consider when getting rid of unused vape liquid or the cartridges that contain it. Unlike these products, nicotine pouches are very simple to toss. You can put used pouches in the trash. There are no FDA regulations that keep you from doing this, and they don’t have volatile battery components that need additional care.

When comparing the two, nicotine pouches absolutely win out for easy disposal.

Bottom line: You don’t have to think twice about how to throw away nicotine pouches. It’s as simple as tossing them into the nearest trash can.

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