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9 Reasons to Create an Account With Us

9 Reasons to Create an Account With Us

Nicotine pouches are available for purchase at most gas stations, so buying through an online retailer can seem like an extra hassle for little reward—especially if it involves creating an account. But for regular pouch consumers, the five minutes it takes to sign up are worth it for the option to purchase 24/7 and access the freshest products possible.

Plus, sites like Prilla offer additional perks like special offers and updates sent straight to your inbox. Below are the nine most significant benefits of opening a Prilla account.

1. Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Discounts Icon

If there’s one thing better than nicotine pouches, it’s nicotine pouches on offer. Prilla frequently runs promotions, but the only way customers can be sure they’re not missing out is by joining our mailing list for frequent updates.

To sign up, click “my account” while logged into the site. From there, users can scroll down to “account information,” which contains the newsletter subscription field. Then, users can opt-in to the “general subscription” option.

And the newsletter doesn’t just provide exclusive offers…

2. Alerts about New Blogs

Blog Alerts Icon

The Prilla blog is an invaluable resource for readers to deepen their knowledge of nicotine pouches and related products. It’s the perfect secret weapon for industry insiders and dedicated customers who want to make sure they’re always in-the-know.

We curate high-quality articles covering:

  • Exclusive product insights 
  • Expert opinions on market trends
  • The latest in nicotine pouch research
  • Authoritative brand comparisons

Newsletter subscribers enjoy the privilege of accessing these perspectives before anyone else. While anyone can check the blog manually, receiving updates directly to their inbox is the only way readers can ensure they don’t miss out on new posts.

3. Updates on New Products 

New Products Icon

Similarly, the newsletter unveils all new product releases; often before they are even released on the site! This is the perfect way to be in-the-know about our latest products with minimal effort.

Prilla is constantly adding new products to the site, whether it’s fresh launches from brands or items available elsewhere that are new to the Prilla family. New arrivals often include innovative new flavor profiles, such as spicy options like NIC-S Cinnamon or coffee-flavored pouches like LUCY Espresso.

4. Personal Discount Offers

Personal Offers Icon

Everyone loves a discount, and being a member is one of the best ways to stay in the loop. Those who opt-in to Prilla newsletters are rewarded with exclusive, personal offers. The only way to access these codes is by becoming a member — we don’t publish them on the site itself, so checking the inbox regularly is essential.

Discount lovers can also visit the Special Offers page to find more offers. However, personal codes are never featured here, so signing up is essential to access the best possible offers.

5. Reorder Function

Reorder Icon

It’s great to experiment with new products. But many customers find that there are a few staple products they keep returning time and time again. Thanks to Prilla’s “reorder” function comes in, a full order is just one click away.

The site gives users the option to “copy” their past orders at the click of a button, saving them time and effort.

6. Order Updates

Order Updates Icon

Customers can see an overview of their order status on their dashboard after logging in. This showcases whether an order is currently being packed, has already been shipped, or is still being processed.

7. Easier Checkout Process

Easy order process Icon

Having an account isn’t necessary to buy products on Prilla — there’s an option to go through the checkout as a guest instead.

However, creating an account means that customers don’t need to enter their information each time, including address and purchasing history. This can make the purchase process even easier than buying from a gas station or another shop.

Plus, if a member adds items to their basket but forgets to finish their purchase, the site will save the basket and send them an email reminder.

8. 24/7 Access

24/7 Access Icon

Buying from a gas station might seem convenient. But most of them aren’t open all-hours, and there’s no way of knowing which items they’ll have in stock without making the journey.

Buying from a retailer like Prilla takes the risk out of the equation by allowing users to place an order at any time on any day and choose from a large selection of items.

9. Fresher Products 

Fresh products Icon

When it comes to nicotine pouches, quality matters. But no matter how premium a product manufacturers make, improper storage can ruin everything.

In Sweden, storing snus and nicotine pouches is a serious business, and Prilla honors this heritage by using the right equipment to keep products cool and fresh. However, many gas stations and other stores treat them like any other product, potentially ruining their freshness.

Prilla also receives deliveries almost every day straight from the manufacturers, so customers receive items that haven’t been sitting around for long.

Bite the Bullet

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Creating an account isn’t a lifelong commitment. There’s always the option to unsubscribe from our newsletter or never buy from us again. But signing up offers the chance to be in the loop about special offers and more, just in case.


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