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ZYN flavors ranked: a list of top 5 ZYN flavors

ZYN flavors ranked: a list of top 5 ZYN flavors

You’re ready to pull the trigger on some ZYN – great! But which flavor(s) should you choose? If you’ve worked your way through Swedish Match’s top-shelf tobacco-free line before, you’ll likely have a go-to. But if not, you might need an expert opinion! So, we brought in Chad Jones, AKA ‘Snubie’, to help you decide.

Wondering what the nation’s favorite nicotine pouch reviewer recommends? Keep reading to find out his top 5 ZYN flavors.

About ZYN

Before we dive into what Chad thinks about the ZYN flavors, we thought we’d talk a little more about the brand in general. So, what is ZYN? It’s a bestselling nicotine pouch line manufactured by Swedish Match – one of the world’s longest-serving smokeless suppliers. It’s well known for its soft, discreet pouches that disappear under the lip and deliver a smooth, satisfying buzz. The ZYN strengths are 3, 6, and 9 mg/pouch, translating to light, regular, and strong – so there is something for everyone!

ZYN flavors ranked 1 - 5 

With the overview out of the way, let’s get into it. What does Snubie think about the ZYN flavors? When asked for a summary of his preferences, he answered, “I tend to gravitate less toward mint flavors and more towards other flavors”. But mint lovers, fear not – for he went on to mention that mint flavors weren’t bad, just “less interesting” to him. So, with that known, what was number 1 on his list? Find out below.

#1 – ZYN Wintergreen 

"It is surprising because I’m usually not the biggest fan of wintergreen. But, I really like the way ZYN does theirs” 

ZYN Wintergreen 6 mgIf you’re familiar with Snubie’s content, you’ll know he isn’t the biggest wintergreen fan. So what is it about ZYN’s version that puts it up top? Well, “It’s very well-balanced, not super in your face, and is a good all-day flavor” he said. So, if you usually won’t go near wintergreen, check it out. You might like it!

#2 – ZYN Coffee

“Like wintergreen, I’m also not a big coffee drinker. But they really nailed down a good flavor with this one”

ZYN Coffee 6 mg

In at #2 was another surprising choice – coffee. His thoughts? “I enjoy the balance of flavors in this one. It’s a little sweet and pretty smooth”. We can attest to these comments! ZYN coffee is superbly sweet and smooth, and simply delicious paired with a cup of the real stuff.

#3 – ZYN Citrus

“This is the type of flavor I can use, all day, every day”

ZYN Citrus 6 mg

Just making the cut for the top 3 was citrus, which he described as a “milder one”. Like many others, he also enjoys this flavor as one to “pair with drinks, beers, and more”. Our favorite drink to pair this pouch with is Corona – the lemon and lime-loving cerveza from Mexico City.

#4 – ZYN Cinnamon

“This one reminds me a lot of Big Red gum”

  ZYN Cinnamon 6 mg
For us, cinnamon is the ultimate American flavor. It bursts with those nostalgic sweet, aromatic, and spicy tones that take you to cozy Christmasses, classic cereals, and mouthwatering cakes. For our expert, it reminds him of Big Red gum – a true classic!


#5 – ZYN Spearmint

“I’m more of a spearmint guy”

ZYN Spearmint 6 mgA mint flavor made the top 5! That’s right, Snubie is a spearmint guy. “Peppermint is good, don’t get me wrong, but the sweet flavor of spearmint is a more enjoyable flavor”, he said. When asked to describe the product, “mild, lightly sweet, and refreshing” were his first thoughts.






New ZYN flavors we’d like to see 

The existing ZYN flavors are spectacular, don’t get us wrong. But there’s always room for more. So, Swedish Match, if you’re reading this, here are three we’d love to see!

  • Green tea: While we love a sweet treat, we sometimes prefer the punch of something bitter. For this, green tea would be perfect. Its earthy, fresh, and flowery notes would go great in a pouch, no doubt! 
  • Chili: There’s nothing quite like a powerful menthol kick. Or is there? We got thinking, and thought chilli could come close! It wouldn’t be as fresh, but it’d certainly provide that stimulating sting. 

  • Coconut: Sometimes, with all the super-bold, super-sweet options out there, you just want a neutral, simple taste, which is where coconut could come in. Perhaps as an alternative to the unflavored range. 

That’s a wrap! Hopefully, you now feel better equipped to pick a flavor when you buy ZYN nicotine pouches online. It’s also important to add that there are many more tasty options than just the ones listed above, and who knows, there might be some new ones on the horizon!

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