WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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ZYN Cinnamon 6mg

Nicotine Pouches

4.55 of 5 15  Reviews
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Short Facts

Brand ZYN
Flavor Cinnamon
Strength Strong
Format Mini
Product typeNicotine Pouches
Nicotine6 mg/pouch
ManufacturerSwedish Match


ZYN Cinnamon 6 offers a slightly different take on snus flavors. Instead of the usual cool minty freshness, this has been replaced with a burst of flavor from cinnamon. Without any tobacco, the flavor is pure and not overpowered, making this a sensationally zingy option.

ZYN Cinnamon 6 comes in neat white and maroon tins that contain 15 pouches. They have a nicotine content of 6mg so that, while the flavor is strong, the nicotine hit is a little more mild, perfect for those weaning themselves off nicotine, or for those new to snus products. The pouches are small compared to other ZYN products, so they're easy to slip under the lip and can pass unnoticed.

These pouches are all white too, which means there is no tobacco inside. Instead, these bags contain plant fibers and nicotine that has been carefully extracted from tobacco leaves through a purification and distillation process that ensures quality nicotine without any of the tobacco flavor. These bags are also drier than those with tobacco, giving a non- drip experience, coupled with the fact that you won't stain your teeth!

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How to use ZYN Cinnamon 6mg?

  • Open the can of ZYN Cinnamon 6mg
  • Simply take the ZYN Cinnamon 6mg pouch in your hand and lift your upper lip. Then place the nicotine pouch under your lip and leave it there for it to release the nicotine slowly and gradually.
  • That's it. Now you know how to use ZYN Cinnamon 6mg nicotine pouches.
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Customer reviews for ZYN Cinnamon 6mg
4.55 of 5 15  Reviews
Based on 15 reviews from our customers
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  1. 100%
    Great product. Good flavor.
    Great product. Good flavor.

    Sandra S. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  2. 100%
    Balanced just right, and is highly enjoyable!
    While cinnamon isn’t the most common flavor in the world of nicotine pouches, I find this one to be a tasty addition to the Zyn series. Cinnamon is a fun flavor, because you can pair it with lots of things, and use it at basically anytime of day. It’s not too sweet, it’s not too spicy. It’s balanced just right, and is highly enjoyable!

    Snubie -

  3. 100%
    My husband enjoys them
    My husband enjoys them

    Debbee L. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  4. 100%
    Great product

    Johnny Clevenger -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  5. 100%
    Very tasty and does the job.

    Matthew Holman -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  6. 100%
    Tasty, exactly what I wanted

    Judith -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  7. 100%
    Will definitely order again. Very fast shipping and great price.

    Monica Foster -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  8. 100%
    It is a really good flavor.

    Parker Rush -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  9. 100%
    I love this product. A great alternative to dipping.

    Jason Clark -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  10. 100%
    Fast delivery and free shipping will keep me coming back

    Paul Roy -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  11. 100%
    Awesome, quality and customer service great price!

    Margo Kondrk -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  12. 80%
    Very good
    Very good

    Darren C. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
  13. 80%
    Cheap better than Copenhagen. Great flavor.

    Jason Moore -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  14. 80%
    Not enough long lasting flavor

    Randy Dick -

    Verified buyer via Trustpilot
  15. 20%
    Biga Mistaka
    This product is terrible. Wish I could return the unopened.

    Jan M. -

    Verified buyer via Yotpo
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