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5 Things to Know About Nicotine Pouches

5 Things to Know About Nicotine Pouches

Are you new to the idea of using a nicotine pouch? Even if you heard all about them from your friends or articles you read online, you may still have questions. The concept of a pouch may be unlike anything you’ve ever tried before, and that’s OK. Here are some things you should know before you try them, though this information is helpful for experienced users, too!

1. Nicotine pouches and snus are different

You may hear YouTubers or influencers online talking about "snus," especially if they are from another country (particularly in Europe). Because of the popularity of snus and their similarity to pouches in how they are used, some people use the terms interchangeably.

Is there a difference? Technically, yes. While both are small, placed under the lip, and provide an intense nicotine experience, the key difference is that nicotine pouches don't contain any tobacco. On the other hand, Snus are tiny tobacco bags, which means they carry the associated downsides like the aftertaste and tooth discoloration.

Nicotine pouches are preferred among those who don't want any tobacco in their life or who like a cleaner, fresher experience. If you're giving up chewing tobacco, for example, switching to snus only changes the delivery of the tobacco. But switching to nicotine pouches cuts it out entirely, which is a major goal of a lot of people who give up smokeless tobacco.

2. Nicotine pouches vary in strength and size

If you were to walk up to a retailer and ask for a tin of nicotine pouches, they’d need a little more information from you to know what to sell. That’s because nicotine pouches come in dozens of variations, with new products hitting the market all the time.

What can you choose when picking out a tin? Let’s take a look.


Most of the popular brands sell "mini pouches," which are significantly shorter, slimmer, and easier to place under your lip. Regular size pouches exist, too, but they’re typically more difficult to find. The original size pouch has more surface area, so it can contain 30-50% more nicotine per pouch.


While the larger pouches can potentially have more nicotine, their smaller counterparts can still pack a punch. Strengths among the mini pouches range from 2mg to 8mg—or more! Because nicotine pouches deliver nicotine more steadily than a tobacco product, you can expect to spread that nicotine amount over a longer period of time. Keep this in mind as you consider the different strengths.

Should you always start out with a lower amount of nicotine when trying pouches? It depends. If you were a two-pack-a-day smoker and thought about cigarettes first thing in the morning, you may find a stronger dose to be more in line with your nicotine expectations. You can always try out different strengths until you feel comfortable with your routine.

3. People don’t have to know you use them

We’re not saying you should hide the fact that you use nicotine pouches, but we do understand that it’s a personal choice and one that you may not want to flaunt every time you go out. The beauty of a nicotine pouch is that you can swallow the liquid that you create in your mouth when you use it—no spitting required!

Plus, mini pouches are naturally smaller in size and almost unnoticeable under your lip. This allows you to enjoy your nicotine in a fairly discreet manner, ensuring it’s no one’s business but yours.

Pouches are also ideal for when you want to enjoy nicotine in a non-smoking environment and don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

4. Throwing them away is simple

While we’re on the subject of keeping things discreet, did you know that tossing a nicotine pouch in the trash is not only safe but something most people wouldn’t notice? You have no messy spit cups or cigarette butts to deal with. The pouch isn't combustible, either, so you don't have to worry about causing a fire.

In fact, wrapping a pouch up in a napkin before you toss it can ensure no one even sees it, which is great when you’re sharing a trash receptacle with others. It’s clean, odor-free, and won’t break any EPA guidelines when put into standard trash bins. The same thing cannot be said for e-cigarettes, which have batteries and potentially toxic e-liquid that aren’t safe to simply put into a standard trash can.

Not having to carry around used nicotine pouches until the next safe place to dump them is a significant perk of these products. Throw them away wherever and whenever you can access a trash can.

5. Nicotine pouch acceptance is a real thing

Pouches have a rich history that started with snus. While pouches do not contain tobacco like snus do, they both originated in Sweden and are both wildly popular there. Smoking has declined in Sweden, with partial credit being given to the smoke-free nicotine delivery of snus and nicotine pouches. However, the popularity of flavored nicotine products has extended here to the U.S.

It’s not uncommon to find nicotine pouch fans sharing their favorite routines, such as what flavors they like to start the day with, along with the strengths they enjoy during various occasions. For instance, do you love the flavor of a creamy cup of joe in the morning? There’s a coffe pouch for that.

While nicotine pouches aren’t for everyone, the U.S. market is bursting with new flavors, brands, and ways to buy, including online, which is incredibly convenient and a good way to save money. If you go to a convenience store, it’s impossible to avoid signs for new flavors and multi-packs for those who want to stock up and save money compared to buying individual tins.

Avoids negative stigma of smoking

There is definitely a negative stigma these days for smokers, and it’s illegal in so many places to even light up. Between the smoke and the way the odor never seems to leave your clothes and hair, a nicotine pouch is a welcome alternative to tobacco products. Plus, pouches aren’t as expensive and cumbersome to use as many tobacco products.

The nicotine pouch is a relatively new addition to the U.S. market, but it’s one that is taking off with nicotine users in a way beyond the gums and patches available today.

Bottom line

If you’ve never used a nicotine pouch or know someone who does, you may have additional questions. Don’t be afraid to do your research, and be sure to check out our article that shares more about what’s inside the pouches, as well as the brands that make them. Nicotine pouches are a flexible way to enjoy nicotine, with everyone having their own brand choice, flavor profiles, and routine.


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