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Snus Vs. ZYN: Unveiling the 5 key differences

Snus Vs. ZYN: Unveiling the 5 key differences
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In smokeless alternatives, two prominent contenders are center stage in the United States - ZYN nicotine pouches and traditional tobacco Snus. While both offer a smokeless experience compared to the likes of cigarettes, there are many differences between these products, suiting those with different lifestyles and preferences. This article explores such differences, highlighting their unique characteristics and shedding light on which may suit the individual user better.

ZYN nicotine pouches: A modern innovation

ZYN is a brand of nicotine pouch which, when compared to snus, is a fairly recent innovation. Each is tobacco-free, consisting of plant fibers, nicotine salt, flavorings, sweeteners, stabilizers, and water. Within the line, there are different ZYN strengths and ZYN flavors to choose from, offering a clean and enjoyable nicotine release, perfect for those reducing their tobacco intake.

Snus: A traditional tobacco product

On the other hand, snus is a tobacco product that has been around for centuries. It’s a smokeless product used in the same way as nicotine pouches, tucked under the upper lip. It consists of ground tobacco, water, flavorings, and other additives. Snus stems back to the 1800s in Sweden and has been enjoyed for years in a loose format or portioned, with many natural flavors and different strength intensities available. The variety has grown over the years, and many brands are on offer, similar to nicotine pouches, providing plenty of choice to snusers around the globe.

Snus Vs. ZYN - What’s the difference?

So, we know ZYN and Snus have similarities in their use and the smokeless experience each offers, but what about their differences? Below is a list of 5 key characteristics that highlight how these products differ, providing insight into which may suit you better.

1. Ingredients

The first and obvious difference between ZYN and Snus is the presence of tobacco. Nicotine pouches are the newer product and stem from Snus. Companies have been able to remove nicotine from the tobacco plant in recent years by using technology to invent new production methods, allowing products like ZYN to be tobacco-free. The lack of tobacco makes ZYN a more favorable option for those wanting to cut their tobacco intake.

2. Nicotine Content and Absorption

Those who have used both snus and ZYN will have noticed the difference in the nicotine release and sensation. Nicotine pouches are far more intense than snus as the release is much faster and less gradual. The reason for this is due to the accessibility of nicotine.

  • Nicotine pouches use nicotine salt, easily extracted once the nicopod is moist.
  • Snus contains tobacco, which is the source of nicotine and takes more time to extract. Moreover, not all the nicotine present in the tobacco is extracted.

In terms of nicotine content, ZYN has two strengths available on Prilla.com. ZYN 3 and ZYN 6, with 3 and 6 mg of nicotine, respectively, per nicopod. However, snus can have far greater strengths in comparison, some of which reach up to 22 mg per gram.

3. Flavor Options

Tobacco has a unique leathery taste. Not all flavorings pair with tobacco's distinct notes. On the other hand, nicotine pouches have a blank tasting experience canvas to work with, providing more freedom when deciding the flavor experience of a nicotine pouch. With these two points evident, ZYN nicotine pouches have a wider tasting experience selection compared to snus.

  • For example, popular ZYN pouches include ZYN Coffee 3mg and ZYN Citrus 3mg, and many different mint variations.
  • On the other hand, snus can only use botanical and mint flavors to complement the spicy and bold characters supplied by tobacco.

4. Format

Another important factor about these products is their formats. Those who have used these products before may think there isn’t any difference as both are portioned. However, when Snus was first created:

Snus came in a loose format, whereby users would pinch some tobacco, forming a ‘prilla’ and placing it under their upper lip.

Now, snus comes portioned like nicotine pouches for convenience. But snus is still available in the loose format, suiting those who prefer a more traditional experience.

5. Availability

Another distinguishing factor between these two products is their availability and the different legal restrictions surrounding them. The restrictions around these products change depending on the country in which you live.

  • For example, Snus is available in America but has an EU-wide ban, with only Sweden being exempt.
  • However, nicotine pouches do not fall under the same ban and are much more accessible across the world.

In turn, not everyone can choose between Snus and ZYN, unlike those living in the US and Sweden. But if in the US, you now know some of the key differences between these two products. Both are available from local convenience stores, but only ZYN is on Prilla.com.


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