WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rogue Gum Fruit 2mg

Nicotine Gum

x20 Nicotine Gum per can
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Short Facts

Brand Rogue Gum
Flavor Fruit
Strength Light
PCS per item (in one can)20
Product TypeNicotine Gum
Nicotine2 mg/pouch
ManufacturerNicoGen Pharma Solutions


Rogue Gum Fruit 2 mg offers a fantastic flood of fruity flavor right from the moment you pop one in your mouth. Get ready for a mouthwatering mix of sweet, tart, and tangy tones and a smooth buzz from the 2 mg of nicotine in each piece. 

Unlike other gums on the market, Rogue doesn’t require you to ‘chew and park it’, so you can get a kick by chewing as usual. You’ll notice that the taste and effect become more intense during use, which is perfectly normal and can be slowed down by easing off on the chewing. Each pack contains 20 pieces (yes, 20!) of clean, sugar and tobacco-free gum that will keep your breath fresh and your smile bright. 

If you like this product, why not try Rogue’s other offerings? The brand features a selection of high-quality tobacco-free pouches and lozenges that come in delicious flavors, like spearmint and mango.

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