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How to use Velo pouches vs. nicotine lozenges

How to use Velo pouches vs. nicotine lozenges
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VELO nicotine pouches and nicotine lozenges are two popular smoke and tobacco-free products available on Prilla, but how are they both used, and which is more suitable? Here, both nicotine products are compared, shedding light on their advantages, disadvantages, and how using these products differs. In turn, this article provides the information needed to decide which experience is more suitable and desirable for the individual user.

Exploring VELO nicotine pouches

VELO nicotine pouches are one of the more favored nicotine pouch brands across the US, partly due to the line's fantastic range and premium quality. They come in easily transportable cans, and each sits effortlessly under your lip, allowing you to enjoy this experience wherever you wish. Some of the more popular VELO pouches on Prilla include:

If you require more information or want to hear from an expert, find the VELO Review on our blog, where Chad ‘Snubie’ Jones reviews the brands best.

Advantages of using nicotine pouches

Nicotine pouches have many advantages, especially when they are compared to tobacco-containing and smoke-producing products, such as cigarettes. Other than being tobacco-free and providing a smoke-free experience, the benefits of using nicotine pouches include:

  • Convenience. Nicopods can be used wherever you wish, easily transported, and used simply.
  • Variety. A selection of nicotine pouches, especially VELO, have different flavors and strengths and are available to suit many users.

Considerations with VELO pouches

However, like everything, there are always characteristics to consider. In terms of nicotine pouches, like other products like cigarettes, there is one common drawback.

  • Disposing of the pouch. After using this product, it needs to be disposed of correctly. 

But unlike cigarettes, nicotine pouches come in a can with a catch lid, so if a bin isn’t nearby, you can put your used portions in there until a bin is close.

Understanding nicotine lozenges

Nicotine lozenges were one of the first nicotine products available, introduced in 2002. Moreover, unlike nicotine pouches, they are an FDA-approved medicine to aid those in reducing their nicotine and tobacco intake (nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)). Nicotine lozenges are kept in a box and come in many different flavors and strengths. One of the more popular brands on Prilla is LUCY Lozenges, with 216 products per tub, providing plenty for you to enjoy. One of the more popular LUCY products is LUCY Lozenges Cherry Ice 4mg, with its sweet and refreshing flavor profile.

Advantages of using lozenges

The obvious advantage to using lozenges is the fact they are an FDA-approved NRT, making them more attractive to those wanting to remove tobacco and nicotine from their day to day. Other than that, when compared to other nicotine products, lozenges are:

  • Transportable. Like nicotine pouches, they are housed in a box that fits in pockets easily, allowing you to take your product wherever you go.
  • Discreet. Lozenges don’t leave a bulge under your lip when using them but dissolve over time, so passersby won’t notice you use them.

Possible drawbacks of nicotine lozenges

Nicotine lozenges are a fantastic option if you are looking at purchasing a nicotine-containing consumable. But when compared to others, nicotine lozenges have:

  • Less choice. Limited flavors and strengths are available compared to nicopods.

What’s the difference between using VELO pouches and nicotine lozenges?

How products are used can affect which item the consumer purchases. In turn, the methods for using pouches and lozenges are detailed, so you can make a direct comparison and choose which you prefer.

How to use VELO nicotine pouches

  1. Select the portion you wish to use from the can.
  2. Roll the nicopod between your index finger and thumb, evenly distributing the contents inside.
  3. Place the portion under your top lip against your gum.
  4. Enjoy the nicotine and flavor release.
  5. After 30-60 minutes, the flavor and nicotine sensation will subdue.
  6. Place the used product in the bin or the catch lid of the container.

How to use nicotine lozenges

  1. Pick a lozenge from the container.
  2. Place it wherever it feels most comfortable.
  3. Let it dissolve in your mouth.
  4. Do not suck or chew them as it may affect the nicotine release.
  5. Enjoy the nicotine and flavor experience.

How do they differ?

As you can see, there isn’t much that changes between the two products, but in the table below, each aspect is compared, allowing you to see what the difference between using them is.


VELO Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Lozenges

Duration of use

30-60 minutes

20-30 minutes

Disposing of the product

Put them in the catch lid

There’s nothing to dispose of because they dissolve.

Where are they placed?

Between the upper lip and gum.

Where comfortable, usually the lower lip.

With the key differences in using these two nicotine products above, the information is there for you to make an informed decision about which may be preferable. If lozenges sound more appealing, find more information on The Top 5 best nicotine lozenges in 2024 on our blog.


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